. (a) The lower part of the abdomen. (b) An arbitrary division of the abdomen below the umbilical and between the two iliac regions.

(||Hyp`o*gas"tri*um) n. [NL., fr. Gr. under + belly.] (Anat.) The lower part of the abdomen.

(Hyp`o*ge"an) a. [Pref. hypo- + Gr. earth.] (Bot.) Hypogeous. [Written also hypogæan.]

(Hyp"o*gene) a. [Pref. hypo- + the root of Gr. to be born: cf. F. hypogène.] (Geol.) Formed or crystallized at depths beneath the earth's surface; — said of granite, gneiss, and other rocks, whose crystallization is believed of have taken place beneath a great thickness of overlying rocks. Opposed to epigene.

(Hyp`o*ge"ous) a. [See Hypogean.] (Bot.) Growing under ground; remaining under ground; ripening its fruit under ground. [Written also hypogæous.]

(||Hyp`o*ge"um) n.; pl. Hypogea [L., fr. Gr. subterranean; under + the earth.] (Anc. Arch.) The subterraneous portion of a building, as in amphitheaters, for the service of the games; also, subterranean galleries, as the catacombs.

(Hyp`o*glos"sal) a. [Pref. hypo- + Gr. the tongue.] (Anat.) Under the tongue; — applied esp., in the higher vertebrates, to the twelfth or last pair of cranial nerves, which are distributed to the base of the tongue.n. One of the hypoglossal nerves.

(Hy*pog"na*tous) a. [Pref. hypo- + Gr. the jaw.] (Zoöl.) Having the maxilla, or lower jaw, longer than the upper, as in the skimmer.

(Hyp"o*gyn) n. (Bot.) An hypogynous plant.

(Hy*pog"y*nous) a. [Pref. hypo- + Gr. woman, female: cf. F. hypogyne.] (Bot.) Inserted below the pistil or pistils; — said of sepals, petals, and stamens; having the sepals, petals, and stamens inserted below the pistil; — said of a flower or a plant. Gray.

(Hy`po*hy"al) a. [Pref. hypo- + Greek letter .] (Anat.) Pertaining to one or more small elements in the hyoidean arch of fishes, between the caratohyal and urohyal.n. One of the hypohyal bones or cartilages.

(Hy`po*nas"tic) a. [Pref. hypo- + Gr. pressed close.] (Bot.) Exhibiting a downward convexity caused by unequal growth. Cf. Epinastic.

(Hy`po*nas"ty) n. (Bot.) Downward convexity, or convexity of the inferior surface.

(Hy`po*ni"trite) n. (Chem.) A salt of hyponitrous acid.

Hypogastric region

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