Hyperbolic functions(Math.), certain functions which have relations to the hyperbola corresponding to those which sines, cosines, tangents, etc., have to the circle; and hence, called hyperbolic sines, hyperbolic cosines, etc.Hyperbolic logarithm. See Logarithm.Hyperbolic spiral(Math.), a spiral curve, the law of which is, that the distance from the pole to the generating point varies inversely as the angle swept over by the radius vector.

(Hy`per*bol"ic*al*ly) adv.

1. (Math.) In the form of an hyperbola.

2. (Rhet.) With exaggeration; in a manner to express more or less than the truth. Sir W. Raleigh.

(Hy`per*bol"i*form) a. [Hyperbola + -form.] Having the form, or nearly the form, of an hyperbola.

(Hy*per"bo*lism) n. [Cf. F. hyperbolisme.] The use of hyperbole. Jefferson.

(Hy*per"bo*list) n. One who uses hyperboles.

(Hy*per"bo*lize) v. i. [imp. & p. p. Hyperbolized ; p. pr. & vb. n. Hyperbolizing ] [Cf. F. hyperboliser.] To speak or write with exaggeration. Bp. Montagu.

(Hy*per"bo*lize), v. t. To state or represent hyperbolically. Fotherby.

(Hy*per"bo*loid) n. [Hyperbola + -oid: cf. F. hyperboloïde.] (Geom.) A surface of the second order, which is cut by certain planes in hyperbolas; also, the solid, bounded in part by such a surface.

Hyperboloid of revolution, an hyperboloid described by an hyperbola revolving about one of its axes. The surface has two separate sheets when the axis of revolution is the transverse axis, but only one when the axis of revolution is the conjugate axis of the hyperbola.

(Hy*per"bo*loid), a. (Geom.) Having some property that belongs to an hyperboloid or hyperbola.

(Hy`per*bo"re*an) a. [L. hyperboreus, Gr. "ype`r over, beyond + . See Boreas.]

1. (Greek Myth.) Of or pertaining to the region beyond the North wind, or to its inhabitants.

2. Northern; belonging to, or inhabiting, a region in very far north; most northern; hence, very cold; fright, as, a hyperborean coast or atmosphere.

The hyperborean or frozen sea.
C. Butler

(Hy`per*bo"re*an), n.

1. (Greek Myth.) One of the people who lived beyond the North wind, in a land of perpetual sunshine.

2. An inhabitant of the most northern regions.

(Hy`per*car"bu*ret`ed) a. (Chem.) Having an excessive proportion of carbonic acid; — said of bicarbonates or acid carbonates. [Written also hypercarburetted.]

1. (Math.) Belonging to the hyperbola; having the nature of the hyperbola.

2. (Rhet.) Relating to, containing, or of the nature of, hyperbole; exaggerating or diminishing beyond the fact; exceeding the truth; as, an hyperbolical expression. "This hyperbolical epitaph." Fuller.

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