Hose carriage, cart, or truck, a wheeled vehicle fitted for conveying hose for extinguishing fires.Hose company, a company of men appointed to bring and manage hose in the extinguishing of

(Hors"y) a. Pertaining to, or suggestive of, a horse, or of horse racing; as, horsy manners; garments of fantastically horsy fashions. [Colloq.]

(Hor*ta"tion) n. [L. hortatio, fr. hortari to incite, exhort, fr. hori to urge.] The act of exhorting, inciting, or giving advice; exhortation. [R.]

(Hor"ta*tive) a. [L. hortativus.] Giving exhortation; advisory; exhortative. Bullokar.

(Hor"ta*tive) n. An exhortation. [Obs.]

(Hor"ta*to*ry) a. [L. hortatorius.] Giving exhortation or advise; encouraging; exhortatory; inciting; as, a hortatory speech. Holland.

(Hor*ten"sial) a. [L. hortensius, hortensis, fr. hortus garden; akin to E. yard an inclosure.] Fit for a garden. [Obs.] Evelyn.

(Hor"ti*cul`tor) n. [NL., fr. L. hortus garden + cultor a cultivator, colere to cultivate.] One who cultivates a garden.

(Hor`ti*cul"tur*al) a. [Cf. F. horticultural.] Of or pertaining to horticulture, or the culture of gardens or orchards.

(Hor"ti*cul`ture) n. [L. hortus garden + cultura culture: cf. F. horticulture. See Yard an inclosure, and Culture.] The cultivation of a garden or orchard; the art of cultivating gardens or orchards.

(Hor`ti*cul"tur*ist) n. One who practices horticulture.

(Hor"tu*lan) a. [L. hortulanus; hortus garden.] Belonging to a garden. [Obs.] Evelyn.

Hortus siccus
(||Hor"tus sic"cus) [L., a dry garden.] A collection of specimens of plants, dried and preserved, and arranged systematically; an herbarium.

(Hort"yard) n. An orchard. [Obs.]

(Ho*san"na) n.; pl. Hosannas (- naz). [Gr. fr. Heb. hoshi'ah nnasave now, save, we pray, hoshia' to save (Hiphil, a causative form, of yasha') + na, a particle.] A Hebrew exclamation of praise to the Lord, or an invocation of blessings. "Hosanna to the Highest." Milton.

Hosanna to the Son of David.
Matt. xxi. 9.

(Hose) n.; pl. Hose, formerly Hosen [AS. hose; akin to D. hoos, G. hose breeches, OHG. hosa, Icel. hosa stocking, gather, Dan. hose stocking; cf. Russ. koshulia a fur jacket.]

1. Close-fitting trousers or breeches, as formerly worn, reaching to the knee.

These men were bound in their coats, their hosen, and their hats, and their other garments.
Dan. iii. 21.

His youthful hose, well saved, a world too wide
For his shrunk shank.

2. Covering for the feet and lower part of the legs; a stocking or stockings.

3. A flexible pipe, made of leather, India rubber, or other material, and used for conveying fluids, especially water, from a faucet, hydrant, or fire engine.

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