Heading course(Arch.), a course consisting only of headers. See Header, n. 3 (a).Heading joint. (a) (Carp.) A joint, as of two or more boards, etc., at right angles to the grain of the wood. (b) (Masonry) A joint between two roussoirs in the same course.

(Head"land) n.

1. A cape; a promontory; a point of land projecting into the sea or other expanse of water. "Sow the headland with wheat." Shak.

2. A ridge or strip of unplowed at the ends of furrows, or near a fence. Tusser.

(Head"less), a. [AS. heáfodleás.]

1. Having no head; beheaded; as, a headless body, neck, or carcass.

2. Destitute of a chief or leader. Sir W. Raleigh.

3. Destitute of understanding or prudence; foolish; rash; obstinate. [Obs.]

Witless headiness in judging or headless hardiness in condemning.

(Head"light`) n. (Engin.) A light, with a powerful reflector, placed at the head of a locomotive, or in front of it, to throw light on the track at night, or in going through a dark tunnel.

(Head"line`) n.

1. (Print.) The line at the head or top of a page.

Head gear
(Head" gear`, or Head"gear`) n.

1. Headdress.

2. Apparatus above ground at the mouth of a mine or deep well.

(Head"-hunt`er) n. A member of any tribe or race of savages who have the custom of decapitating human beings and preserving their heads as trophies. The Dyaks of Borneo are the most noted head- hunters.

Head"-hunt`ing, n.

(Head"i*ly) adv. In a heady or rash manner; hastily; rashly; obstinately.

(Head"i*ness), n. The quality of being heady.

(Head"ing), n.

1. The act or state of one who, or that which, heads; formation of a head.

2. That which stands at the head; title; as, the heading of a paper.

3. Material for the heads of casks, barrels, etc.

4. (Mining.) A gallery, drift, or adit in a mine; also, the end of a drift or gallery; the vein above a drift.

5. (Sewing) The extension of a line ruffling above the line of stitch.

6. (Masonry) That end of a stone or brick which is presented outward. Knight.

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