Hare's-tail grass(Bot.), a species of grass (Lagurus ovatus) whose head resembles a hare's tail.

(Har"fang) n. [See Hare, n., and Fang.] (Zoöl.) The snowy owl.

Hariali grass
(Ha`ri*a"li grass`) (hä`ri*ä"li gras`). (Bot.) The East Indian name of the Cynodon Dactylon; dog's- grass.

(Har"i*cot) (har"e*ko; F. a`re`ko"), n. [F.]

1. A ragout or stew of meat with beans and other vegetables.

2. The ripe seeds, or the unripe pod, of the common string bean used as a vegetable. Other species of the same genus furnish different kinds of haricots.

(Har"i*er) n. (Zoöl.) See Harrier.

(Ha"ri*ka`ri) n. See Hara-kiri.

(Har`i*o*la"tion) n. [See Ariolation.] Prognostication; soothsaying. [Obs.] Cockeram.

(Har"ish) a. Like a hare. [R.] Huloet.

(Hark) v. i. [OE. herken. See Hearken.] To listen; to hearken. [Now rare, except in the imperative form used as an interjection, Hark! listen.] Hudibras.

Hark away!Hark back!Hark forward!(Sporting), cries used to incite and guide hounds in hunting.To hark back, to go back for a fresh start, as when one has wandered from his direct course, or made a digression.

He must have overshot the mark, and must hark back.

He harked back to the subject.
W. E. Norris.

(Hark"en) v. t. & i. To hearken. Tennyson.

(Harl) n. [Cf. OHG. harluf noose, rope; E. hards refuse of flax.]

1. A filamentous substance; especially, the filaments of flax or hemp.

(Ha"rem) n.[Ar. haram, orig., anything forbidden or sacred, fr. harama to forbid, prohibit.] [Written also haram and hareem.]

1. The apartments or portion of the house allotted to females in Mohammedan families.

2. The family of wives and concubines belonging to one man, in Mohammedan countries; a seraglio.

(Ha*ren"gi*form) a. [F. hareng herring (LL. harengus) + -form.] Herring-shaped.

(Hare's"-ear`) n. (Bot.) An umbelliferous plant (Bupleurum rotundifolium); — so named from the shape of its leaves. Dr. Prior.

Hare's-foot fern
(Hare's"-foot` fern`) (Bot.) A species of fern (Davallia Canariensis) with a soft, gray, hairy rootstock; — whence the name.

(Hare's"-tail`) n. (Bot.) A kind of grass See Cotton grass, under Cotton.

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