(Guard"i*an*ess) n. A female guardian.

I have placed a trusty, watchful guardianess.
Beau. & Fl.

(Guard"i*an*less), a. Without a guardian. Marston.

(Guard"i*an*ship), n. The office, duty, or care, of a guardian; protection; care; watch.

(Guard"less) a. Without a guard or defense; unguarded. Chapman.

(Guard"room`) n. (Mil.) The room occupied by the guard during its term of duty; also, a room where prisoners are confined.

(Guards) n. pl. A body of picked troops; as, "The Household Guards."

(Guard"ship), n. Care; protection. [Obs.] Swift.

(Guards"man) n.; pl. Guardsmen

1. One who guards; a guard.

2. A member, either officer or private, of any military body called Guards.

(Guar"ish) v. t. [OF. guarir, garir, F. guérir.] To heal. [Obs.] Spenser.

Guatemala grass
(Gua`te*ma"la grass") (Bot.) See Teosinte.

(Gua"va) n. [Sp. guayaba the guava fruit, guayabo the guava tree; prob. fr. the native West Indian name.] A tropical tree, or its fruit, of the genus Psidium. Two varieties are well known, the P. pyriferum, or white guava, and P. pomiferum, or red guava. The fruit or berry is shaped like a pomegranate, but is much smaller. It is somewhat astringent, but makes a delicious jelly.

(Gu"ber*nance) n. Government. [Obs.]

(Gu"ber*nate) v. t. [L. gubernatus, p. p. of gubernare. See Govern.] To govern. [Obs.] Cockeram.

(Gu"ber*na`tion) n. [L. gubernatio.] The act of governing; government [Obs.] I. Watts.

(Gu"ber*na*tive) a. Governing. [Obs.]

(Gu"ber*na*to`ri*al) a. [L. gubernator governor. See Gabernate.] Pertaining to a governor, or to government.

(Gud"geon) n. [OE. gojon, F. goujon, from L. gobio, or gobius, Gr. kwbio`s Cf. 1st Goby. ]

1. (Zoöl.) A small European freshwater fish allied to the carp. It is easily caught and often used for food and for bait. In America the killifishes or minnows are often called gudgeons.

2. What may be got without skill or merit.

Fish not, with this melancholy bait,
For this fool gudgeon, this opinion.

3. A person easily duped or cheated. Swift.

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