Glottal catch, an effect produced upon the breath or voice by a sudden opening or closing of the glotts. Sweet.

(Glot"tic Glot*tid"e*an) a. Of or pertaining to the glottis; glottal.

(Glot"tis) n. [NL., fr. Gr. from the tongue. See Gloss an explanatory remark.] (Anat.) The opening from the pharynx into the larynx or into the trachea. See Larynx.

(Glot`to*log"ic*al) a. Of or pertaining to glottology.

(Glot*tol"o*gist) n. A linguist; a philologist.

(Glot*tol"o*gy) n. [Gr. the tongue + -logy.] The science of tongues or languages; comparative philology; glossology.

(Glout) v. i. [Scot. Cf. Gloat.] To pout; to look sullen. [Obs.] Garth.

(Glout) v. t. To view attentively; to gloat on; to stare at. [Obs.] Wright.

(Glove) n. [OE. glove, glofe, AS. glof; akin to Icel. glofi, cf. Goth. lofa palm of the hand, Icel. lofi.]

1. A cover for the hand, or for the hand and wrist, with a separate sheath for each finger. The latter characteristic distinguishes the glove from the mitten.

(Glos`so*hy"al) a. [Gr. the tongue + the letter .] (Anat.) Pertaining to both the hyoidean arch and the tongue; — applied to the anterior segment of the hyoidean arch in many fishes. — n. The glossohyal bone or cartilage; lingual bone; entoglossal bone.

(||Glos`so*la"li*a Glos*sol"a*ly) n. [NL., fr. Gr. tongue + talk: cf. F. glossolalie.] The gift of tongues. Farrar.

(Glos`so*log"ic*al) a. Of or pertaining to glossology.

(Glos*sol"o*gist) n. One who defines and explains terms; one who is versed in glossology.

(Glos*sol"o*gy) n. [Gr. tongue + -logy: cf. F. glossologie. See 3d Gloss.]

1. The definition and explanation of terms; a glossary.

2. The science of language; comparative philology; linguistics; glottology.

(Glos`so*phar`yn*ge"al) (glos"do*far`in*je"al or -fa*rin"je*al), a. [Gr. glw^ssa the tongue + E. pharyngeal.] (Anat.) Pertaining to both the tongue and the pharynx; — applied especially to the ninth pair of cranial nerves, which are distributed to the pharynx and tongue.n. One of the glossopharyngeal nerves.

(Gloss"y) a. [Compar. Glossier (-i*er); superl. Glossiest.] [See Gloss luster.]

1. Smooth and shining; reflecting luster from a smooth surface; highly polished; lustrous; as, glossy silk; a glossy surface.

2. Smooth; specious; plausible; as, glossy deceit.

Glost oven
(Glost" ov`en) An oven in which glazed pottery is fired; — also called glaze kiln, or glaze.

(Glot"tal) a. Of or pertaining to, or produced by, the glottis; glottic.

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