Gill ale. (a) Ale flavored with ground ivy. (b) (Bot.) Alehoof.

(Gill"-flirt`) n. A thoughtless, giddy girl; a flirt-gill. Sir W. Scott.

(Gill"house`), n. A shop where gill is sold.

Thee shall each alehouse, thee each gillhouse mourn.

(Gil"li*an) n. [OE. Gillian, a woman's name, for Julian, Juliana. Cf. Gill a girl.] A girl; esp., a wanton; a gill. [Obs.] Beau. & Fl.

Gillie Gilly
(Gil"lie Gil"ly) n. [Gael. gille, giolla, boy, lad.] A boy or young man; a manservant; a male attendant, in the Scottish Highlands. Sir W. Scott.

(Gil"ly*flow`er) n. [OE. gilofre, gilofer, clove, OF. girofre, girofle, F. girofle: cf. F. giroflée gillyflower, fr. girofle, Gr. clove tree; nut + leaf, akin to E. foliage. Cf. Caryophyllus, July- flower.] (Bot.)

1. A name given by old writers to the clove pink (Dianthus Caryophyllus) but now to the common stock a cruciferous plant with showy and fragrant blossoms, usually purplish, but often pink or white.

2. A kind of apple, of a roundish conical shape, purplish red color, and having a large core.

[Written also gilliflower.]

Clove gillyflower, the clove pink.Marsh gillyflower, the ragged robin (Lychnis Flos-cuculi). Queen's, or Winter, gillyflower, damewort.Sea gillyflower, the thrift Wall gillyflower, the wallflower Water gillyflower, the water violet.

(Gil"our) n. [OF.] A guiler; deceiver. [Obs.]

(Gilse) n. [W. gleisiad, fr. glas blue.] (Zoöl.) See Grilse.

(Gilt) n. [See Geld, v. t.] (Zoöl.) A female pig, when young.

(Gilt), imp. & p. p. of Gild.

(Gilt), p. p. & a. Gilded; covered with gold; of the color of gold; golden yellow. "Gilt hair" Chaucer.

(Gilt), n.

1. Gold, or that which resembles gold, laid on the surface of a thing; gilding. Shak.

(Gill), n. A leech. [Also gell.] [Scot.] Jameison.

(Gill), n. [Icel. gil.] A woody glen; a narrow valley containing a stream. [Prov. Eng. & Scot.]

(Gill) n. [OF. gille, gelle, a sort of measure for wine, LL. gillo, gello., Cf. Gallon.] A measure of capacity, containing one fourth of a pint.

(Gill) n. [Abbrev. from Gillian.]

1. A young woman; a sweetheart; a flirting or wanton girl. "Each Jack with his Gill." B. Jonson.

2. (Bot.) The ground ivy (Nepeta Glechoma); — called also gill over the ground, and other like names.

3. Malt liquor medicated with ground ivy.

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