(Gi*gan"tine) a. Gigantic. [Obs.] Bullokar.

(Gi`gan*tol"og*y) n. [Gr. giant + -logy: cf. F. gigantologie.] An account or description of giants.

(Gi`gan*tom"a*chy) n. [L. gigantomachia, fr. Gr. giant + battle: cf. F. gigantomachie.] A war of giants; especially, the fabulous war of the giants against heaven.

(Gige Guige), n. [OF. guide, guiche.] (Anc. Armor) The leather strap by which the shield of a knight was slung across the shoulder, or across the neck and shoulder. Meyrick

(||Gi*ge"ri*um) n.; pl. Gigeria [NL., fr. L. gigeria, pl., the cooked entrails of poultry.] (Anat.) The muscular stomach, or gizzard, of birds.

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