Funicular action(Mech.), the force or action exerted by a rope in drawing together the supports to which its ends are Fastened, when acted upon by forces applied in a direction transverse to the rope, as in the archer's bow.Funicular curve. Same as Catenary.Funicular machine(Mech.), an apparatus for illustrating certain principles in statics, consisting of a cord or chain attached at one end to a fixed point, and having the other passed over a pulley and sustaining a weight, while one or more other weights are suspended from the cord at points between the fixed support and the pulley. Funicular polygon(Mech.), the polygonal figure assumed by a cord fastened at its extremities, and sustaining weights at different points.

(Fu*nic"u*late) a. Forming a narrow ridge.

(||Fu*nic"u*lus) n.; pl. Funiculi [L., a little cord. See Funicle.]

1. (Anat.) A cord, baud, or bundle of fibers; esp., one of the small bundles of fibers, of which large nerves are made up; applied also to different bands of white matter in the brain and spinal cord.

2. (Zoöl.) (a) A short cord which connects the embryo of some myriapods with the amnion. (b) In Bryozoa, an organ extending back from the stomach. See Bryozoa, and Phylactolema.

(Fu*nil"i*form) a. [L. funis rope + -form.] (Bot.) Resembling a cord in toughness and flexibility, as the roots of some endogenous trees.

(||Fu"nis) n. [L., a rope. ] A cord; specifically, the umbilical cord or navel string.

(Funk) n. [OE. funke a little fire; akin to Prov. E. funk touchwood, G. funke spark, and perh. to Goth. fn fire.] An offensive smell; a stench. [Low]

(Funk), v. t. To envelop with an offensive smell or smoke. [Obs.] King.

(Funk), v. i.

1. To emit an offensive smell; to stink.

2. To be frightened, and shrink back; to flinch; as, to funk at the edge of a precipice. [Colloq.] C. Kingsley.

To funk out, to back out in a cowardly fashion. [Colloq.]

To funk right out o' political strife.

(Funk, Funk"ing), n. A shrinking back through fear. [Colloq.] "The horrid panic, or funk " De Quincey.

(Funk"y) a. Pertaining to, or characterized by, great fear, or funking. [Colloq. Eng.]

(Fun"nel) n. [OE. funel, fonel, prob. through OF. fr, L. fundibulum, infundibulum, funnel, fr. infundere to pour in; in in + fundere to pour; cf. Armor. founil funnel, W. ffynel air hole, chimney. See Fuse, v. t.]

1. A vessel of the shape of an inverted hollow cone, terminating below in a pipe, and used for conveying liquids into a close vessel; a tunnel.

2. A passage or avenue for a fluid or flowing substance; specifically, a smoke flue or pipe; the iron chimney of a steamship or the like.

3. (Anat.) Pertaining to a funiculus; made up of, or resembling, a funiculus, or funiculi; as, a funicular ligament.

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