Freezing machine. See Ice machine, under Ice.Freezing mixture, a mixture (of salt and snow or of chemical salts) for producing intense cold.Freezing point, that degree of a thermometer at which a fluid begins to freeze; — applied particularly to water, whose freezing point is at 32° Fahr., and at 0° Centigrade.

(Frei"es*le`ben*ite) n. [Named after the German chemist Freiesleben.] A sulphide of antimony, lead, and silver, occuring in monoclinic crystals.

(Freight) n. [F. fret, OHG. freht merit, reward. See Fraught, n.]

1. That with which anything is fraught or laden for transportation; lading; cargo, especially of a ship, or a car on a railroad, etc.; as, a freight of cotton; a full freight.

2. (Law) (a) The sum paid by a party hiring a ship or part of a ship for the use of what is thus hired. (b) The price paid a common carrier for the carriage of goods. Wharton.

3. Freight transportation, or freight line.

(Freight) a. Employed in the transportation of freight; having to do with freight; as, a freight car.

Freight agent, a person employed by a transportation company to receive, forward, or deliver goods.Freight car. See under Car.Freight train, a railroad train made up of freight cars; — called in England goods train.

(Freight), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Freighted; p. pr. & vb. n. Freighting.] [Cf. F. freter.] To load with goods, as a ship, or vehicle of any kind, for transporting them from one place to another; to furnish with freight; as, to freight a ship; to freight a car.

(Freight"age) n.

1. Charge for transportation; expense of carriage.

2. The transportation of freight.

3. Freight; cargo; lading. Milton.

(Freight"er) n.

1. One who loads a ship, or one who charters and loads a ship.

2. One employed in receiving and forwarding freight.

3. One for whom freight is transported.

4. A vessel used mainly to carry freight.

(Freight"less), a. Destitute of freight.

(Frel"te) n. Frailty. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Freez"er) n. One who, or that which, cools or freezes, as a refrigerator, or the tub and can used in the process of freezing ice cream.

(Freez"ing), a. Tending to freeze; for freezing; hence, cold or distant in manner.Frrez"ing*ly, adv.

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