(Free"ma`son) n. One of an ancient and secret association or fraternity, said to have been at first composed of masons or builders in stone, but now consisting of persons who are united for social enjoyment and mutual assistance.

(Free`ma*son"ic) a. Pertaining to, or resembling, the institutions or the practices of freemasons; as, a freemasonic signal.

(Free"ma`son*ry) n. The institutions or the practices of freemasons.

(Free"-mill`ing) a. Yielding free gold or silver; — said of certain ores which can be reduced by crushing and amalgamation, without roasting or other chemical treatment. Raymond.

(Free"-mind`ed) a. Not perplexed; having a mind free from care. Bacon.

(Free"ness), n. The state or quality of being free; freedom; liberty; openness; liberality; gratuitousness.

(Fre"er) n. One who frees, or sets free.

(Free"-soil`) a. Pertaining to, or advocating, the non-extension of slavery; — esp. applied to a party which was active during the period 1846-1856. [U.S.] — Free"soil`er n. [U.S.] — Free"- soil`ism n. [U.S.]

(Free"-spo`ken) a. Accustomed to speak without reserve. Bacon.

Free"-spo`ken-ness, n.

(Free"stone`) n. A stone composed of sand or grit; — so called because it is easily cut or wrought.

(Free"stone`), a. Having the flesh readily separating from the stone, as in certain kinds of peaches.

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