Constructive fraud(Law), an act, statement, or omission which operates as a fraud, although perhaps not intended to be such. Mozley & W.Pious fraud(Ch. Hist.), a fraud contrived and executed to benefit the church or accomplish some good end, upon the theory that the end justified the means. Statute of frauds(Law), an English statute the principle of which is incorporated in the legislation of all the States of this country, by which writing with specific solemnities (varying in the several statutes) is required to give efficacy to certain dispositions of property. Wharton.

Syn. — Deception; deceit; guile; craft; wile; sham; strife; circumvention; stratagem; trick; imposition; cheat. See Deception.

(Fra"ter*nize) v. i. [imp. & p. p. Fraternized (#); p. pr. & vb. n.. Fraternizing ] [Cf. F. fraterniser.] To associate or hold fellowship as brothers, or as men of like occupation or character; to have brotherly feelings.

(Fra"ter*nize), v. t. To bring into fellowship or brotherly sympathy.

Correspondence for fraternizing the two nations.

(Frat"er*ni`zer) n. One who fraternizes. Burke.

(Fra"ter*y) n. [L. frater brother: cf. It. frateria a brotherhood of monks. See Friar.] A frater house. See under Frater.

(Fra"trage) n. [L. frater a brother.] (Law) A sharing among brothers, or brothers' kin. [Obs.] Crabb.

(||Fra`tri*cel"li) n. pl. [It. fraticelli, lit., little brothers, dim. fr. frate brother, L. frater.] (Eccl. Hist.) (a) The name which St. Francis of Assisi gave to his followers, early in the 13th century. (b) A sect which seceded from the Franciscan Order, chiefly in Italy and Sicily, in 1294, repudiating the pope as an apostate, maintaining the duty of celibacy and poverty, and discountenancing oaths. Called also Fratricellians and Fraticelli.

(Frat"ri*ci`dal) a. Of or pertaining to fratricide; of the nature of fratricide.

(Frat"ri*cide) n. [L. fratricidium a brother's murder, fr. fratricida a brother's murderer; frater, fratris, brother + caedere to kill: cf. F. fratricide.]

1. The act of one who murders or kills his own brother.

2. [L. fratricida: cf. F. fratricide.] One who murders or kills his own brother.

(Fraud) n. [F. fraude, L. fraus, fraudis; prob. akin to Skr. dhurv to injure, dhv&rsdot to cause to fall, and E. dull.]

1. Deception deliberately practiced with a view to gaining an unlawful or unfair advantage; artifice by which the right or interest of another is injured; injurious stratagem; deceit; trick.

If success a lover's toil attends,
Few ask, if fraud or force attained his ends.

2. (Law) An intentional perversion of truth for the purpose of obtaining some valuable thing or promise from another.

3. A trap or snare. [Obs.]

To draw the proud King Ahab into fraud.

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