Franklinic electricity, electricity produced by friction; called also statical electricity.

(Frank"lin*ite) n. (Min.) A kind of mineral of the spinel group.

Franklin stove
(Frank"lin stove`) A kind of open stove introduced by Benjamin Franklin, the peculiar feature of which was that a current of heated air was directly supplied to the room from an air box; — now applied to other varieties of open stoves.

(Frank"ly), adv. In a frank manner; freely.

Very frankly he confessed his treasons.

Syn. — Openly; ingenuously; plainly; unreservedly; undisguisedly; sincerely; candidly; artlessly; freely; readily; unhesitatingly; liberally; willingly.

(Frank"-mar"riage) n. [Frank free + marriage.] (Eng. Law) A certain tenure in tail special; an estate of inheritance given to a man his wife (the wife being of the blood of the donor), and descendible to the heirs of their two bodies begotten. [Obs.] Blackstone.

(Frank"ness), n. The quality of being frank; candor; openess; ingenuousness; fairness; liberality.

(Frank"pledge`) n. [Frank free + pledge.] (O. Eng. Law) (a) A pledge or surety for the good behavior of freemen, — each freeman who was a member of an ancient decennary, tithing, or friborg, in England, being a pledge for the good conduct of the others, for the preservation of the public peace; a free surety. (b) The tithing itself. Bouvier.

The servants of the crown were not, as now, bound in frankpledge for each other.

(Frank"-fee`) n. [Frank free + fee.] (Eng. Law) A species of tenure in fee simple, being the opposite of ancient demesne, or copyhold. Burrill.

Frankfort black
(Frank"fort black`) A black pigment used in copperplate printing, prepared by burning vine twigs, the lees of wine, etc. McElrath.

(Frank"in*cense) n. [OF. franc free, pure + encens incense.] A fragrant, aromatic resin, or gum resin, burned as an incense in religious rites or for medicinal fumigation. The best kinds now come from East Indian trees, of the genus Boswellia; a commoner sort, from the Norway spruce (Abies excelsa) and other coniferous trees. The frankincense of the ancient Jews is still unidentified.

(Frank"ing) n. (Carp.) A method of forming a joint at the intersection of window-sash bars, by cutting away only enough wood to show a miter.

(Frank"ish), a. Like, or pertaining to, the Franks.

(Frank"-law`) n. [Frank free + law.] (Eng. Law) The liberty of being sworn in courts, as a juror or witness; one of the ancient privileges of a freeman; free and common law; — an obsolete expression signifying substantially the same as the American expression civil rights. Abbot.

(Frank"lin) n. [OE. frankelein; cf. LL. franchilanus. See Frank, a.] An English freeholder, or substantial householder. [Obs.] Chaucer.

The franklin, a small landholder of those days.
Sir J. Stephen.

(Frank*lin"ic) a. Of or pertaining to Benjamin Franklin.

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