Frænulum to Frangulic

(||Fræn"u*lum) n.; pl. Frænula [NL., dim. of L. fraenum a bridle.] (Anat.) A frænum.

(Fræ"num or Fre"num), n.; pl. E. Frænums L. Fræna [L., a bridle.] (Anat.) A connecting fold of membrane serving to support or restrain any part; as, the frænum of the tongue.

(Frag"ile) a. [L. fragilis, from frangere to break; cf. F. fragile. See Break, v. t., and cf. Frail, a.] Easily broken; brittle; frail; delicate; easily destroyed.

The state of ivy is tough, and not fragile.

Syn. — Brittle; infirm; weak; frail; frangible; slight.

Frag"ile*ly, adv.

(Fra*gil"i*ty) n. [L. fragilitas: cf. F. fragilité. Cf. Frailty.]

1. The condition or quality of being fragile; brittleness; frangibility. Bacon.

2. Weakness; feebleness.

An appearance of delicacy, and even of fragility, is almost essential to it [beauty].

3. Liability to error and sin; frailty. [Obs.]

The fragility and youthful folly of Qu. Fabius.

(Frag"ment) n. [L. fragmentum, fr. frangere to break: cf. F. fragment. See Break, v. t.] A part broken off; a small, detached portion; an imperfect part; as, a fragment of an ancient writing.

Gather up the fragments that remain.
John vi. 12.

(Frag*men"tal) a.

1. Fragmentary.

2. (Geol.) Consisting of the pulverized or fragmentary material of rock, as conglomerate, shale, etc.

(Frag*men"tal), n. (Geol.) A fragmentary rock.

(Frag"men*ta*ri*ly) adv. In a fragmentary manner; piecemeal.

(Frag"men*ta*ri*ness), n. The quality or property of being in fragments, or broken pieces; incompleteness; want of continuity. G. Eliot.

(Frag"men*ta*ry) a. [Cf. F. fragmentaire.]

1. Composed of fragments, or broken pieces; disconnected; not complete or entire. Donne.

2. (Geol.) Composed of the fragments of other rocks.

(Frag"ment*ed) a. Broken into fragments.

(Frag"ment*ist), n. A writer of fragments; as, the fragmentist of Wolfenbüttel. [R.]

(||Fra"gor) n. [L., a breaking to pieces, fr. frangere to break.]

1. A loud and sudden sound; the report of anything bursting; a crash. I. Watts.

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