1. Having four hands; quadrumanous. Goldsmith.

2. Requiring four "hands" or players; as, a fourhanded game at cards.

(Fou"ri*er*ism) n. The coöperative socialistic system of Charles Fourier, a Frenchman, who recommended the reorganization of society into small communities, living in common.

(Fou"ri*er*ist, Fou"ri*er*ite) , n. One who adopts the views of Fourier.

(Four"-in-hand) a. Consisting of four horses controlled by one person; as, a four-in-hand team; drawn by four horses driven by one person; as, a four-in- hand coach.n. A team of four horses driven by one person; also, a vehicle drawn by such a team.

As quaint a four-in-hand
As you shall see.

(Four"ling), n.

1. One of four children born at the same time.

2. (Crystallog.) A compound or twin crystal consisting of four individuals.

(||Four`neau") n. [F.] (Mil.) The chamber of a mine in which the powder is placed.

(Four"-o'clock`) n.

1. (Bot.) A plant of the genus Mirabilis. There are about half a dozen species, natives of the warmer parts of America. The common four-o'clock is M. Jalapa. Its flowers are white, yellow, and red, and open toward sunset, or earlier in cloudy weather; hence the name. It is also called marvel of Peru, and afternoon lady.

2. (Zoöl.) The friar bird; — so called from its cry, which resembles these words.

(Four"pence) n.

1. A British silver coin, worth four pence; a groat.

2. A name formerly given in New England to the Spanish half real, a silver coin worth six and a quarter cents.

(Four"-post`er) n. A large bedstead with tall posts at the corners to support curtains. [Colloq.]

(Four"rier) n. [F., fr. OF. forre. See Forage, n.] A harbinger. [Obs.]

(Four"score`) a. [Four + core, n.] Four times twenty; eighty.

(Four"score`), n. The product of four times twenty; eighty units or objects.

(Four"square`) a. Having four sides and four equal angles. Sir W. Raleigh.

(Four"teen`) a. [OE. fourtene, feowertene, AS. feówertyne, feówertene. See Four, and Ten, and cf. Forty.] Four and ten more; twice seven.

(Four"teen`), n.

1. The sum of ten and four; forteen units or objects.

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