All fours. See All fours, in the Vocabulary.

(Fourb, Fourbe) , n. [F.] A tricky fellow; a cheat. [Obs.] Evelyn. Denham.

(||Four`ché") a. [F. See Fork.] (Her.) Having the ends forked or branched, and the ends of the branches terminating abruptly as if cut off; — said of an ordinary, especially of a cross.

(||Four`chette") n. [F., dim. of fourche. See Fork.]

1. A table fork.

2. (Anat.) (a) A small fold of membrane, connecting the labia in the posterior part of the vulva. (b) The wishbone or furculum of birds. (c) The frog of the hoof of the horse and allied animals.

3. (Surg.) An instrument used to raise and support the tongue during the cutting of the frænum.

4. (Glove Making) The forked piece between two adjacent fingers, to which the front and back portions are sewed. Knight.

(Four"-cor`nered) a. Having four corners or angles.

(Four`dri`nier") n. A machine used in making paper; — so named from an early inventor of improvements in this class of machinery.

(Four"fold`) a. & adv. [AS. feówerfeold.] Four times; quadruple; as, a fourfold division.

He shall restore the lamb fourfold.
2 Sam. xii. 6.

(Four"fold`), n. Four times as many or as much.

(Four"fold`), v. t. To make four times as much or as many, as an assessment; to quadruple.

(Four"foot`ed) a. Having four feet; quadruped; as, fourfooted beasts.

(||Four`gon") n. [F.] (Mil.) (a) An ammunition wagon. (b) A French baggage wagon.

(Four"hand`ed) a.

(Foun"tain*less), a. Having no fountain; destitute of springs or sources of water.

Barren desert, fountainless and dry.

(Fount"ful) a. Full of fountains. Pope.

(Four) a. [OE. four, fower, feower, AS. feówer; akin to OS. fiwar, D. & G. vier, OHG. fior, Icel. fjorir, Sw. fyra, Dan. fire, Goth. fidwor, Russ. chetuire, chetvero, W. pedwar, L. quatuor, Gr. te`ttares, te`ssares, pi`syres, Skr. catur. &radic302. Cf. Farthing, Firkin, Forty, Cater four, Quater-cousin, Quatuor, Quire of paper, tetrarch.] One more than three; twice two.

(Four), n.

1. The sum of four units; four units or objects.

2. A symbol representing four units, as 4 or iv.

3. Four things of the same kind, esp. four horses; as, a chariot and four.

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