Flowering fern, a genus of showy ferns with conspicuous bivalvular sporangia. They usually grow in wet places.Flowering plants, plants which have stamens and pistils, and produce true seeds; phenogamous plants; — distinguished from flowerless plants.Flowering rush, a European rushlike plant with an umbel of rosy blossoms.

(Flow"er*ing), n.

1. The act of blossoming, or the season when plants blossom; florification.

2. The act of adorning with flowers.

(Flow"er*less), a. Having no flowers.

Flowerless plants, plants which have no true flowers, and produce no seeds; cryptogamous plants.

(Flow"er*less*ness), n. State of being without flowers.

(Flow"er*pot`) n. A vessel, commonly or earthenware, for earth in which plants are grown.

(Flow"er*y) a.

1. Full of flowers; abounding with blossoms.

2. Highly embellished with figurative language; florid; as, a flowery style. Milton.

The flowery kingdom, China.

(Flow"er*y-kir`tled) a. Dressed with garlands of flowers. [Poetic & Rare] Milton.

(Flow"ing), a. That flows or for flowing (in various sense of the verb); gliding along smoothly; copious.

(Flow"er-de-luce") n. [Corrupted fr. fleur-de-lis.] (Bot.) A genus of perennial herbs (Iris) with swordlike leaves and large three-petaled flowers often of very gay colors, but probably white in the plant first chosen for the royal French emblem.

There are nearly one hundred species, natives of the north temperate zone. Some of the best known are Iris Germanica, I. Florentina, I. Persica, I. sambucina, and the American I. versicolor, I. prismatica, etc.

(Flow"er*er) n. A plant which flowers or blossoms.

Many hybrids are profuse and persistent flowerers.

(Flow"er*et) n. A small flower; a floret. Shak.

(Flow"er-fence`) n. (Bot.) A tropical leguminous bush (Poinciana, or Cæsalpinia, pulcherrima) with prickly branches, and showy yellow or red flowers; — so named from its having been sometimes used for hedges in the West Indies. Baird.

(Flow"er*ful) a. Abounding with flowers. Craig.

(Flow"er-gen`tle) n. (Bot.) A species of amaranth (Amarantus melancholicus).

(Flow"er*i*ness) n. The state of being flowery.

(Flow"er*ing), a. (Bot.) Having conspicuous flowers; — used as an epithet with many names of plants; as, flowering ash; flowering dogwood; flowering almond, etc.

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