(Fire"bird`) n. (Zoöl.) The Baltimore oriole.

(Fire"board`) n. A chimney board or screen to close a fireplace when not in use.

(Fire"bote`) n. (O. Eng. Law) An allowance of fuel. See Bote.

(Fire"brand`) n.

1. A piece of burning wood. L'Estrange.

2. One who inflames factions, or causes contention and mischief; an incendiary. Bacon.

(Fire"crack`er) n. See Cracker., n., 3.

(Fire"crest`) n. (Zoöl.) A small European kinglet having a bright red crest; — called also fire- crested wren.

(Fire"dog`) n. A support for wood in a fireplace; an andiron.

(Fire"drake`) n. [AS. fyrdraca; fyr fire + draca a dragon. See Fire, and Drake a dragon.] [Obs.]

1. A fiery dragon. Beau. & Fl.

2. A fiery meteor; an ignis fatuus; a rocket.

3. A worker at a furnace or fire. B. Jonson.

(Fire"-fanged`) a. [Fire + fanged seized.] Injured as by fire; burned; — said of manure which has lost its goodness and acquired an ashy hue in consequence of heat generated by decomposition.

(Fire"fish`) n. (Zoöl.) A singular marine fish of the genus Pterois, family Scorpænidæ, of several species, inhabiting the Indo-Pacific region. They are usually red, and have very large spinose pectoral and dorsal fins.

(Fire"flaire`) n. [Fire + Prov. E. flaire a ray.] (Zoöl.) A European sting ray of the genus Trygon (T. pastinaca); — called also fireflare and fiery flaw.

(Fire"flame`) n. (Zoöl.) The European band fish

(Fire"fly`) n.; pl. Fireflies (Zoöl.) Any luminous winged insect, esp. luminous beetles of the family Lampyridæ.

The common American species belong to the genera Photinus and Photuris, in which both sexes are winged. The name is also applied to luminous species of Elateridæ. See Fire beetle.

(Fire"less), a. Destitute of fire.

(Fire"lock`), n. An old form of gunlock, as the flintlock, which ignites the priming by a spark; perhaps originally, a matchlock. Hence, a gun having such a lock.

(Fire"man) n.; pl. Firemen

1. A man whose business is to extinguish fires in towns; a member of a fire company.

2. A man who tends the fires, as of a steam engine; a stocker.

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