Fielded to Figulate

(Field"ed), a. Engaged in the field; encamped. [Obs.]

To help fielded friends.

(Field"en) a. Consisting of fields. [Obs.]

The fielden country also and plains.

(Field"er) n. (Ball Playing) A ball payer who stands out in the field to catch or stop balls.

(Field"fare`) n. [OE. feldfare, AS. feldfare; field + faran to travel.] (Zoöl.) a small thrush (Turdus pilaris) which breeds in northern Europe and winters in Great Britain. The head, nape, and lower part of the back are ash-colored; the upper part of the back and wing coverts, chestnut; — called also fellfare.

(Field"ing), n. (Ball Playing) The act of playing as a fielder.

(Field"piece`) n. A cannon mounted on wheels, for the use of a marching army; a piece of field artillery; — called also field gun.

(Field"work`) n. (Mil.) Any temporary fortification thrown up by an army in the field; - - commonly in the plural.

All works which do not come under the head of permanent fortification are called fieldworks.

(Field"y) a. Open, like a field. [Obs.] Wyclif.

(Fiend) n. [OE. fend, find, fiend, feond, fiend, foe, AS. feónd; akin to OS. fiond, D. vijand enemy, OHG. fiant, G. feind, Icel. fjand, Sw. & Dan. fiende, Goth. fijands; orig. p. pr. of a verb meaning to hate, AS. feón, feógan, OHG. fin, Goth. fijan, Skr. piy to scorn; prob. akin to E. feud a quarrel. &radic81. Cf. Foe, Friend.] An implacable or malicious foe; one who is diabolically wicked or cruel; an infernal being; — applied specifically to the devil or a demon.

Into this wild abyss the wary fiend
Stood on the brink of Hell and looked a while.

O woman! woman! when to ill thy mind
Is bent, all hell contains no fouler fiend.

(Fiend"ful) a. Full of fiendish spirit or arts. Marlowe.

Fiend"ful*ly, adv.

(Fiend"ish) a. Like a fiend; diabolically wicked or cruel; infernal; malignant; devilish; hellish. Fiend"ish*ly, adv.Fiend"ish*ness, n.

(Fiend"like`) a. Fiendish; diabolical. Longfellow.

(Fiend"ly), a. [AS. feóndlic.] Fiendlike; monstrous; devilish. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(||Fi`e*ras"fer) n. [NL.] (Zoöl.) A genus of small, slender fishes, remarkable for their habit of living as commensals in other animals. One species inhabits the gill cavity of the pearl oyster near Panama; another lives within an East Indian holothurian.

(Fierce) a. [Compar. Fiercer ; superl. Fiercest ] [OE. fers, fiers, OF. fier, nom. fiers, fierce, savage, cruel, F. fier proud, from L. ferus wild, savage, cruel; perh. akin to E. bear the animal. Cf. Feral, Ferocity.]

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