6. In the English universities, a scholar who is appointed to a foundation called a fellowship, which gives a title to certain perquisites and privileges.

7. In an American college or university, a member of the corporation which manages its business interests; also, a graduate appointed to a fellowship, who receives the income of the foundation.

8. A member of a literary or scientific society; as, a Fellow of the Royal Society.

Fellow is often used in compound words, or adjectively, signifying associate, companion, or sometimes equal. Usually, such compounds or phrases are self- explanatory; as, fellow-citizen, or fellow citizen; fellow-student, or fellow student; fellow- workman, or fellow workman; fellow-mortal, or fellow mortal; fellow-sufferer; bedfellow; playfellow; workfellow.

Were the great duke himself here, and would lift up
My head to fellow pomp amongst his nobles.

(Fel"low) v. t. To suit with; to pair with; to match. [Obs.] Shak.

(Fel"low-com"mon*er) n. A student at Cambridge University, England, who commons, or dines, at the Fellow's table.

(Fel"low-crea"ture) n. One of the same race or kind; one made by the same Creator.

Reason, by which we are raised above our fellow- creatures, the brutes.
I. Watts.

(Fel"low*feel") v. t. To share through sympathy; to participate in. [R.] D. Rodgers.

(Fel"low-feel"ing), n.

1. Sympathy; a like feeling.

2. Joint interest. [Obs.] Arbuthnot.

(Fel"low*less), a. Without fellow or equal; peerless.

Whose well-built walls are rare and fellowless.

(Fel"low*like`) a. Like a companion; companionable; on equal terms; sympathetic. [Obs.] Udall.

(Fel"low*ly), a. Fellowlike. [Obs.] Shak.

(Fel"low*ship) n. [Fellow + -ship.]

1. The state or relation of being or associate.

2. Companionship of persons on equal and friendly terms; frequent and familiar intercourse.

In a great town, friends are scattered, so that there is not that fellowship which is in less neighborhods.

Men are made for society and mutual fellowship.

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