2. That which promotes happiness; a successful or gratifying event; prosperity; blessing.

the felicities of her wonderful reign.

3. A pleasing faculty or accomplishment; as, felicity in painting portraits, or in writing or talking. "Felicity of expression." Bp. Warburton.

Syn. — Happiness; bliss; beatitude; blessedness; blissfulness. See Happiness.

(Fe"line) a. [L. felinus, fr. feles, felis, cat, prob. orig., the fruitful: cf. F. félin. See Fetus.]

1. (Zoöl.) Catlike; of or pertaining to the genus Felis, or family Felidæ; as, the feline race; feline voracity.

2. Characteristic of cats; sly; stealthy; treacherous; as, a feline nature; feline manners.

(||Fe"lis) n. [L., cat.] (Zoöl.) A genus of carnivorous mammals, including the domestic cat, the lion, tiger, panther, and similar animals.

(Fell) imp. of Fall.

(Fell), a. [OE. fel, OF. fel cruel, fierce, perfidious; cf. AS. fel (only in comp.) OF. fel, as a noun also accus. felon, is fr. LL. felo, of unknown origin; cf. Arm fall evil, Ir. feal, Arm. falloni treachery, Ir. & Gael. feall to betray; or cf. OHG. fillan to flay, torment, akin to E. fell skin. Cf. Felon.]

1. Cruel; barbarous; inhuman; fierce; savage; ravenous.

While we devise fell tortures for thy faults.

2. Eager; earnest; intent. [Obs.]

I am so fell to my business.

(Fell), n. [Cf. L. fel gall, bile, or E. fell, a.] Gall; anger; melancholy. [Obs.]

Untroubled of vile fear or bitter fell.

(Fell), n. [AS. fell; akin to D. vel, OHG. fel, G. fell, Icel. fell (in comp.), Goth fill in þrutsfill leprosy, L. pellis skin, G. . Cf. Film, Peel, Pell, n.] A skin or hide of a beast with the wool or hair on; a pelt; — used chiefly in composition, as woolfell.

We are still handling our ewes, and their fells, you know, are greasy.

(Fell) n. [Icel. fell, fjally; akin to Sw. fjäll a ridge or chain of mountains, Dan. fjeld mountain, rock and prob. to G. fels rock, or perh. to feld field, E. field.]

1. A barren or rocky hill. T. Gray.

2. A wild field; a moor. Dryton.

(Fell), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Felled ; p. pr. & vb. n. Felling.] [AS. fellan, a causative verb fr. feallan to fall; akin to D. vellen, G. fällen, Icel. fella, Sw. fälla, Dan. fælde. See Fall, v. i.] To cause to fall; to prostrate; to bring down or to the ground; to cut down.

Stand, or I'll fell thee down.

(Fell), n. (Mining) The finer portions of ore which go through the meshes, when the ore is sorted by sifting.

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