(Ex*pe"di*ate) v. t. [Cf. F. expédier. See Expedite.] To hasten; to expedite. [Obs.] "To expediate their business." Sir E. Sandys.

(Ex*pe"di*ence Ex*pe"di*en*cy) , n.

1. The quality of being expedient or advantageous; fitness or suitableness to effect a purpose intended; adaptedness to self-interest; desirableness; advantage; advisability; — sometimes contradistinguished from moral rectitude.

Divine wisdom discovers no expediency in vice.

To determine concerning the expedience of action.

Much declamation may be heard in the present day against expediency, as if it were not the proper object of a deliberative assembly, and as if it were only pursued by the unprincipled.

2. Expedition; haste; dispatch. [Obs.]

Making hither with all due expedience.

3. An expedition; enterprise; adventure. [Obs.]

Forwarding this dear expedience.

(Ex*pe"di*ent) a. [L. expediens, -entis, p. pr. of expedire to be expedient, release, extricate: cf. F. expédient. See Expedite.]

1. Hastening or forward; hence, tending to further or promote a proposed object; fit or proper under the circumstances; conducive to self-interest; desirable; advisable; advantageous; — sometimes contradistinguished from right.

It is expedient for you that I go away.
John xvi. 7.

Nothing but the right can ever be expedient, since that can never be true expediency which would sacrifice a greater good to a less.

2. Quick; expeditious. [Obs.]

His marches are expedient to this town.

(Ex*pe"di*ent), n.

1. That which serves to promote or advance; suitable means to accomplish an end.

What sure expedient than shall Juno find,
To calm her fears and ease her boding mind?

2. Means devised in an exigency; shift.

Syn. — Shift; contrivance; resource; substitute.

(Ex*pe`di*en"tial) Governed by expediency; seeking advantage; as an expediential policy. "Calculating, expediential understanding." Hare.Ex*pe`di*en"tial*ly , adv. .

(Ex*pe"di*ent*ly) adv.

1. In an expedient manner; fitly; suitably; conveniently.

2. With expedition; quickly. [Obs.]

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