To exhibit a foundation or prize, to hold it forth or to tender it as a bounty to candidates.To exibit an essay, to declaim or otherwise present it in public. [Obs.]

(Ex*hib"it), n.

1. Any article, or collection of articles, displayed to view, as in an industrial exhibition; a display; as, this exhibit was marked A; the English exhibit.

2. (Law) A document produced and identified in court for future use as evidence.

(Ex*hib"it*er) n. [Cf. Exhibitor.] One who exhibits; one who presents a petition, charge or bill. Shak.

(Ex`hi*bi"tion) n. [L. exhibitio a delivering: cf. F. exhibition.]

1. The act of exhibiting for inspection, or of holding forth to view; manifestation; display.

2. That which is exhibited, held forth, or displayed; also, any public show; a display of works of art, or of feats of skill, or of oratorical or dramatic ability; as, an exhibition of animals; an exhibition of pictures, statues, etc.; an industrial exhibition.

3. Sustenance; maintenance; allowance, esp. for meat and drink; pension. Specifically: (Eng. Univ.) Private benefaction for the maintenance of scholars.

What maintenance he from his friends receives,
Like exhibition thou shalt have from me.

I have given more exhibitions to scholars, in my days, than to the priests.

4. (Med.) The act of administering a remedy.

Exhedra to Exodus

(||Ex"he*dra) n. [NL.] See Exedra.

(Ex*her"e*date) v. t. [L., exheredatus, p. p. of exheredare to disinherit; ex out + heres, heredis, heir.] To disinherit. [R.] Huloet.

(Ex*her`e*da"tion) n. [L., exheredatio: cf. F. exhérédation.] A disinheriting; disherison. [R.]

(Ex`he*red`i*ta"tion) n. [LL. exhereditare, exhereditatum, disinherit.] A disinheriting; disherison. [R.] E. Waterhouse.

(Ex*hib"it) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Exhibited; p. pr. & vb. n. Exhibiting.] [L. exhibitus, p. p. of exhibere to hold forth, to tender, exhibit; ex out + habere to have or hold. See Habit.]

1. To hold forth or present to view; to produce publicly, for inspection; to show, especially in order to attract notice to what is interesting; to display; as, to exhibit commodities in a warehouse, a picture in a gallery.

Exhibiting a miserable example of the weakness of mind and body.

2. (Law) To submit, as a document, to a court or officer, in course of proceedings; also, to present or offer officially or in legal form; to bring, as a charge.

He suffered his attorney-general to exhibit a charge of high treason against the earl.

3. (Med.) To administer as a remedy; as, to exhibit calomel.

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