Exhaust valve(Steam Engine), a valve that lets exhaust steam escape out of a cylinder.

(Ex*haust"), n. (Steam Engine)

1. The steam let out of a cylinder after it has done its work there.

2. The foul air let out of a room through a register or pipe provided for the purpose.

(Ex*haust"er) n. One who, or that which, exhausts or draws out.

(Ex*haust`i*bil"i*ty) n. Capability of being exhausted.

I was seriously tormented by the thought of the exhaustibility of musical combinations.
J. S. Mill.

(Ex*haust"i*ble) a. Capable of being exhausted, drained off, or expended. Johnson.

(Ex*haust"ing), a. Producing exhaustion; as, exhausting labors.Ex*haust"ing, adv.

(Ex*haus"tion) n. [Cf. F. exhaustion.]

1. The act of draining out or draining off; the act of emptying completely of the contents.

2. The state of being exhausted or emptied; the state of being deprived of strength or spirits.

3. (Math.) An ancient geometrical method in which an exhaustive process was employed. It was nearly equivalent to the modern method of limits.

The method of exhaustions was applied to great variety of propositions, pertaining to rectifications and quadratures, now investigated by the calculus.

(Ex*haust"ive) a. Serving or tending to exhaust; exhibiting all the facts or arguments; as, an exhaustive method. Ex*haust"ive*ly, adv.

(Ex*haust"less), a. Not be exhausted; inexhaustible; as, an exhaustless fund or store.

(Ex*haust"ment) n. Exhaustion; drain. [Obs.]

(Ex*haus"ture) n. Exhaustion. Wraxall.

having been employed to produce motion of the piston.

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