(Ex*cur"rent) a. [L. excurrens, p. p. of excurrere, excursum, to run out; ex out + currere to run. See Current.]

1. Running or flowing out; as: (Bot.) Running or extending out; as, an excurrent midrib, one which projects beyond the apex of a leaf; an excurrent steam or trunk, one which continues to the top.

2. (Zoöl) Characterized by a current which flows outward; as, an excurrent orifice or tube.

(Ex*curse") v. t. [See excurrent.] To journey or pass thought. [R.]

(Ex*cur"sion) [L. excursio: cf. F. excursion. See Excurrent.]

1. A running or going out or forth; an expedition; a sally.

Far on excursion toward the gates of hell.

They would make excursions and waste the country.

2. A journey chiefly for recreation; a pleasure trip; a brief tour; as, an excursion into the country.

3. A wandering from a subject; digression.

I am not in a scribbling mood, and shall therefore make no excursions.

4. (Mach.) Length of stroke, as of a piston; stroke. [An awkward use of the word.]

Syn. — Journey; tour; ramble; jaunt. See Journey.

(Ex*cur"sion*ist), n. One who goes on an excursion, or pleasure trip.

(Ex*cur"sive) a. Prone to make excursions; wandering; roving; exploring; as, an excursive fancy.

The course of excursive . . . understandings.
I. Taylor.

Ex*cur"sive*ly, adv.Ex*cur"sive*ness, , n.

(||Ex*cur"sus) n. [L., fr. excurrere, excursum. See Excurrent.] A dissertation or digression appended to a work, and containing a more extended exposition of some important point or topic.

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