Enfranchisement of copyhold(Eng. Law), the conversion of a copyhold estate into a freehold. Mozley & W.

Enforceable to English

(En*force"a*ble) a. Capable of being enforced.

(En*forced") a. Compelled; forced; not voluntary. "Enforced wrong." "Enforced smiles." Shak. En*for"ced*ly, adv. Shak.

(En*force"ment) n. [Cf. OF. enforcement.]

1. The act of enforcing; compulsion.

He that contendeth against these enforcements may easily master or resist them.
Sir W. Raleigh.

Confess 't was hers, and by what rough enforcement
You got it from her.

2. A giving force to; a putting in execution.

Enforcement of strict military discipline.

3. That which enforces, constraints, gives force, authority, or effect to; constraint; force applied.

The rewards and punishment of another life, which the Almighty has established as the enforcements of his law.

(En*for"cer) n. One who enforces.

(En*for"ci*ble) a. That may be enforced.

(En*for"cive) a. Serving to enforce or constrain; compulsive. Marsion.En*for"cive*ly, adv.

(En*for"est) v. t. To turn into a forest.

(En*form") v. t. [F. enformer. See Inform.] To form; to fashion. [Obs.] Spenser.

(En*foul"dred) a. [Pref. en- + OF. fouldre, foldre, lightning, F. foudre, L. fulgur.] Mixed with, or emitting, lightning. [Obs.] "With foul enfouldred smoke." Spenser.

(En*frame") v. t. To inclose, as in a frame.

(En*fran"chise) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Enfranchised ; p. pr. & vb. n. Enfranchising ] [Pref. en- + franchise: cf. F. enfranchir.]

1. To set free; to liberate from slavery, prison, or any binding power. Bacon.

2. To endow with a franchise; to incorporate into a body politic and thus to invest with civil and political privileges; to admit to the privileges of a freeman.

3. To receive as denizens; to naturalize; as, to enfranchise foreign words. I. Watts.

(En*fran"chise*ment) n.

1. Releasing from slavery or custody. Shak.

2. Admission to the freedom of a corporation or body politic; investiture with the privileges of free citizens.

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