Enacting clause, that clause of a bill which formally expresses the legislative sanction.

(En*act"), n. Purpose; determination. [Obs.]

(En*act"ive) a. Having power to enact or establish as a law. Abp. Bramhall.

(En*act"ment) n.

1. The passing of a bill into a law; the giving of legislative sanction and executive approval to a bill whereby it is established as a law.

2. That which is enacted or passed into a law; a law; a decree; a statute; a prescribed requirement; as, a prohibitory enactment; a social enactment.

(En*act"or) n. One who enacts a law; one who decrees or establishes as a law. Atterbury.

(En*ac"ture) n. Enactment; resolution. [Obs.] Shak.

(En*al"i*o*saur`) n. (Paleon.) One of the Enaliosauria.

(||En*al`i*o*sau"ri*a) n. pl. [NL., from Gr. marine ( in + the sea) + a lizard.] (Paleon.) An extinct group of marine reptiles, embracing both the Ichthyosauria and the Plesiosauria, now regarded as distinct orders.

(En*al`i*o*sau"ri*an) a. (Paleon.) Pertaining to the Enaliosauria.n. One of the Enaliosauria.

(||E*nal"la*ge) n. [L., fr. Gr. an exchange, fr. to exchange; in + to change.] (Gram.) A substitution, as of one part of speech for another, of one gender, number, case, person, tense, mode, or voice, of the same word, for another.

(En*am"bush) v. t. To ambush. [Obs.]

(En*am"el) n. [Pref. en- + amel. See Amel, Smelt, v. t.]

1. A variety of glass, used in ornament, to cover a surface, as of metal or pottery, and admitting of after decoration in color, or used itself for inlaying or application in varied colors.

2. (Min.) A glassy, opaque bead obtained by the blowpipe.

3. That which is enameled; also, any smooth, glossy surface, resembling enamel, especially if variegated.

4. (Anat.) The intensely hard calcified tissue entering into the composition of teeth. It merely covers the exposed parts of the teeth of man, but in many animals is intermixed in various ways with the dentine and cement.

Enact to Enchanter

(En*act") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Enacted; p. pr. & vb. n. Enacting.]

1. To decree; to establish by legal and authoritative act; to make into a law; especially, to perform the legislative act with reference to (a bill) which gives it the validity of law.

2. To act; to perform; to do; to effect. [Obs.]

The king enacts more wonders than a man.

3. To act the part of; to represent; to play.

I did enact Julius Caesar.

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