Drumhead court-martial(Mil.), a summary court-martial called to try offenses on the battlefield or the line of march, when, sometimes, a drumhead has to do service as a writing table.

(Drum"lin) n. [Gael. druim the ridge of a hill.] (Geol.) A hill of compact, unstratified, glacial drift or till, usually elongate or oval, with the larger axis parallel to the former local glacial motion.

(Drum"ly), a. [Cf. Droumy.] Turbid; muddy. [Scot. & Obs. or Prov. Eng.] Wodroephe Burns.

Drum major
(Drum" ma"jor) .

1. The chief or first drummer of a regiment; an instructor of drummers.

2. The marching leader of a military band. [U.S.]

3. A noisy gathering. [R.] See under Drum, n., 4.

(Drum"mer) n.

1. One whose office is to best the drum, as in military exercises and marching.

2. One who solicits custom; a commercial traveler. [Colloq. U.S.] Bartlett.

3. (Zoöl.) A fish that makes a sound when caught; as: (a) The squeteague. (b) A California sculpin.

4. (Zoöl.) A large West Indian cockroach (Blatta gigantea) which drums on woodwork, as a sexual call.

(Drum"ming) n. The act of beating upon, or as if upon, a drum; also, the noise which the male of the ruffed grouse makes in spring, by beating his wings upon his sides.

Drummond light
(Drum"mond light`) [From Thomas Drummond, a British naval officer.] A very intense light, produced by turning two streams of gas, one oxygen and the other hydrogen, or coal gas, in a state of ignition, upon a ball of lime; or a stream of oxygen gas through a flame of alcohol upon a ball or disk of lime; — called also oxycalcium light, or lime light.

The name is also applied sometimes to a heliostat, invented by Drummond, for rendering visible a distant point, as in geodetic surveying, by reflecting upon it a beam of light from the sun.

(Drum"stick`) n.

1. A stick with which a drum is beaten.

2. Anything resembling a drumstick in form, as the tibiotarsus, or second joint, of the leg of a fowl.

(Drunk) a. [OE. dronke, drunke, dronken, drunken, AS. druncen. Orig. the same as drunken, p. p. of drink. See Drink.]

(Drum"fish`) n. (Zoöl.) Any fish of the family Sciænidæ, which makes a loud noise by means of its air bladder; — called also drum.

The common drumfish (Pogonias chromis) is a large species, common south of New Jersey. The southern red drum or red horse and the fresh-water drum or croaker are related species.

(Drum"head`) n.

1. The parchment or skin stretched over one end of a drum.

2. The top of a capstan which is pierced with sockets for levers used in turning it. See Illust. of Capstan.

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