To dress upor out, to dress elaborately, artificially, or pompously. "You see very often a king of England or France dressed up like a Julius Cæsar." Addison.To dress a ship(Naut.), to ornament her by hoisting the national colors at the peak and mastheads, and setting the jack forward; when dressed full, the signal flags and pennants are added. Ham. Nav. Encyc.

Syn. — To attire; apparel; clothe; accouter; array; robe; rig; trim; deck; adorn; embellish.

(Dress), v. i.

1. (Mil.) To arrange one's self in due position in a line of soldiers; — the word of command to form alignment in ranks; as, Right, dress!

2. To clothe or apparel one's self; to put on one's garments; to pay particular regard to dress; as, to dress quickly. "To dress for a ball." Latham.

To flaunt, to dress, to dance, to thrum.

To dress to the right, To dress to the left, To dress on the center(Mil.), to form alignment with reference to the soldier on the extreme right, or in the center, of the rank, who serves as a guide.

(Dress), n.

1. That which is used as the covering or ornament of the body; clothes; garments; habit; apparel. "In your soldier's dress." Shak.

2. A lady's gown; as, silk or a velvet dress.

3. Attention to apparel, or skill in adjusting it.

Men of pleasure, dress, and gallantry.

4. (Milling) The system of furrows on the face of a millstone. Knight.

Dress circle. See under Circle.Dress parade(Mil.), a parade in full uniform for review.

Dress coat
(Dress" coat`) A coat with skirts behind only, as distinct from the frock coat, of which the skirts surround the body. It is worn on occasions of ceremony. The dress coat of officers of the United States army is a full-skirted frock coat.

(Dress"er) n.

1. One who dresses; one who put in order or makes ready for use; one who on clothes or ornaments.

2. (Mining) A kind of pick for shaping large coal.

3. An assistant in a hospital, whose office it is to dress wounds, sores, etc.

(c) To put in proper condition by appareling, as the body; to put clothes upon; to apparel; to invest with garments or rich decorations; to clothe; to deck.

Dressed myself in such humility.

Prove that ever Idress myself handsome till thy return.

(d) To break and train for use, as a horse or other animal.

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