Double-headed rail(Railroad), a rail whose flanges are duplicates, so that when one is worn the other may be turned uppermost.

(Dou"ble*heart"ed) a. Having a false heart; deceitful; treacherous. Sandys.

(Dou"ble-hung`) a. Having both sashes hung with weights and cords; — said of a window.

(Dou"ble-lock`) v. t. To lock with two bolts; to fasten with double security. Tatler.

(Dou"ble-milled`) a. Twice milled or fulled, to render more compact or fine; — said of cloth; as, double-milled kerseymere.

(Dou"ble*mind"ed) a. Having different minds at different times; unsettled; undetermined.

A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.
Jas. i. 8.

(Dou"ble*ness) n.

1. The state of being double or doubled.

2. Duplicity; insincerity. Chaucer.

(Dou"ble-quick`) a. (Mil.) Of, or performed in, the fastest time or step in marching, next to the run; as, a double-quick step or march.

(Dou"ble-quick`), n. Double-quick time, step, or march.

Double-quick time requires 165 steps, each 33 inches in length, to be taken in one minute. The number of steps may be increased up to 180 per minute.

(Dou"ble-quick`), v. i. & t. (Mil.) To move, or cause to move, in double-quick time.

(Dou"bler) n.

1. One who, or that which, doubles.

Double-eyed to Doughtily

(Dou"ble-eyed`) a. Having a deceitful look. [R.] "Deceitful meanings is double- eyed." Spenser.

(Dou"ble-faced`) a.

1. Having two faces designed for use; as, a double-faced hammer.

2. Deceitful; hypocritical; treacherous. Milton.

Double first
(Dou"ble first`) (Eng. Universities) (a) A degree of the first class both in classics and mathematics. (b) One who gains at examinations the highest honor both in the classics and the mathematics. Beaconsfield.

(Dou"ble-hand"ed) a.

1. Having two hands.

2. Deceitful; deceptive. Glanvill.

(Dou"ble-head"ed) a. Having two heads; bicipital.

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