Disgraceful to Dishonorer

(Dis*grace"ful) a. Bringing disgrace; causing shame; shameful; dishonorable; unbecoming; as, profaneness is disgraceful to a man.Dis*grace"ful*ly, adv.Dis*grace"ful*ness, n.

The Senate have cast you forth disgracefully.
B. Jonson.

(Dis*gra"cer) n. One who disgraces.

(Dis*gra"cious) a. [Cf. F. disgracieux.] Wanting grace; unpleasing; disagreeable. Shak.

(Dis*gra"cive) a. Disgracing. [Obs.] Feltham.

(Dis`gra*da"tion) n. (Scots Law) Degradation; a stripping of titles and honors.

(Dis*grade") v. t. To degrade. [Obs.] Foxe.

(Dis*grad"u*ate) v. t. To degrade; to reduce in rank. [Obs.] Tyndale.

(Dis"gre*gate) v. t. [L. disgregare; dis- + gregare to collect, fr. grex, gregis, flock or herd.] To disperse; to scatter; — opposite of congregate. [Obs.]

(Dis`gre*ga"tion) n. (Physiol.) The process of separation, or the condition of being separate, as of the molecules of a body.

(Dis*grun"tle) v. t. To dissatisfy; to disaffect; to anger. [Colloq.]

(Dis*guise") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Disguised ; p. pr. & vb. n. Disguising.] [OE. desguisen, disgisen, degisen, OF. desguisier, F. déguiser; pref. des- (L. dis-) + guise. See Guise.]

1. To change the guise or appearance of; especially, to conceal by an unusual dress, or one intended to mislead or deceive.

Bunyan was forced to disguise himself as a wagoner.

2. To hide by a counterfeit appearance; to cloak by a false show; to mask; as, to disguise anger; to disguise one's sentiments, character, or intentions.

All God's angels come to us disguised.

3. To affect or change by liquor; to intoxicate.

I have just left the right worshipful, and his myrmidons, about a sneaker of five gallons; the whole magistracy was pretty well disguised before I gave them the ship.

Syn. — To conceal; hide; mask; dissemble; dissimulate; feign; pretend; secrete. See Conceal.

(Dis*guise"), n.

1. A dress or exterior put on for purposes of concealment or of deception; as, persons doing unlawful acts in disguise are subject to heavy penalties.

There is no passion which steals into the heart more imperceptibly and covers itself under more disguises, than pride.

2. Artificial language or manner assumed for deception; false appearance; counterfeit semblance or show.

That eye which glances through all disguises.
D. Webster.

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