(Di*rect"or*ship) n. The condition or office of a director; directorate.

(Di*rect"o*ry) a. [L. directorius.] Containing directions; enjoining; instructing; directorial.

(Di*rect"o*ry), n.; pl. Directories

1. A collection or body of directions, rules, or ordinances; esp., a book of directions for the conduct of worship; as, the Directory used by the nonconformists instead of the Prayer Book.

2. A book containing the names and residences of the inhabitants of any place, or of classes of them; an address book; as, a business directory.

3. [Cf. F. directoire.] A body of directors; board of management; especially, a committee which held executive power in France under the first republic.

4. Direction; guide. [R.] Whitlock.

(Di*rect"ress), n. A woman who directs. Bp. Hurd.

(Di*rect"rix) n.; pl. E. Directrixes L. Directrices

1. A directress. [R.] Jer. Taylor.

2. (Geom.) (a) A line along which a point in another line moves, or which in any way governs the motion of the point and determines the position of the curve generated by it; the line along which the generatrix moves in generating a surface. (b) A straight line so situated with respect to a conic section that the distance of any point of the curve from it has a constant ratio to the distance of the same point from the focus.

(Dire"ful) a. [Dire + - ful.] Dire; dreadful; terrible; calamitous; woeful; as, a direful fiend; a direful day.Dire"ful*ly, adv.Dire"ful*ness, n.

(Dire"ly), adv. In a dire manner. Drayton.

(Di*rempt") a. [L. diremptus, p. p. of dirimere to take apart, separate; di- = dis- + emere to buy, orig., to take.] Divided; separated. [Obs.] Stow.

(Di*rempt"), v. t. To separate by force; to tear apart. [Obs.] Holinshed.

(Di*remp"tion) n. [L. diremptio.] A tearing apart; violent separation. [Obs.] Bp. Hall.

(Dire"ness) n. [Dire- + - ness.] Terribleness; horror; woefulness. Shak.

(Di*rep"tion) n. [L. direptio, fr. diripere to tear asunder, plunder; di- = dis- + rapere to seize and carry off.] The act of plundering, despoiling, or snatching away. [R.] Speed.

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