The Democratic party, the name of one of the chief political parties in the United States.

(Dem`o*crat"ic*al) a. Democratic.

The democratical embassy was democratically received.
Algernon Sidney.

(Dem`o*crat"ic*al*ly), adv. In a democratic manner.

(De*moc"ra*tism) n. The principles or spirit of a democracy. [R.]

(De*moc"ra*tist) n. A democrat. [R.] Burke.

(De*moc"ra*tize) v. t. To render democratic.

(De*moc"ra*ty) n. Democracy. [Obs.] Milton.

(De`mo*gor"gon) (de"mo*gôr*gon or dem"o*gôr*gon), n. [First mentioned by Lutatius, or Lactantius Placidus, the scholiast on Statius, perh. fr. Gr. dai`mwn god, deity + gorgo`s fierce, terrible] A mysterious, terrible, and evil divinity, regarded by some as the author of creation, by others as a great magician who was supposed to command the spirits of the lower world. See Gorgon.

Orcus and Ades, and the dreaded name
Of Demogorgon.

2. Government by popular representation; a form of government in which the supreme power is retained by the people, but is indirectly exercised through a system of representation and delegated authority periodically renewed; a constitutional representative government; a republic.

3. Collectively, the people, regarded as the source of government. Milton.

4. The principles and policy of the Democratic party, so called. [U.S.]

(Dem"o*crat) n. [Cf. F. démocrate.]

1. One who is an adherent or advocate of democracy, or government by the people.

Whatever they call him, what care I,
Aristocrat, democrat, autocrat.

2. A member of the Democratic party. [U.S.]

(Dem`o*crat"ic) a. [Gr. : cf. F. démocratique.]

1. Pertaining to democracy; favoring democracy, or constructed upon the principle of government by the people.

2. Relating to a political party so called.

3. Befitting the common people; — opposed to aristocratic.

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