(Cor`us*ca"tion) n. [L. coruscatio: cf. F. coruscattion.]

1. A sudden flash or play of light.

A very vivid but exceeding short-lived splender, not to call t a little coruscation.

2. A flash of intellectual brilliancy.

He might have illuminated his times with the incessant corcations of his genius.
I. Taylor.

Syn. — Flash; glitter; blaze; gleam; sparkle.

(Corve) n. See Corf.

(||Cor`vee") n. [F. corvée, fr. LL. corvada, corrogata, fr. L. corrogare to entreat together; cor- + rogare to ask.] (Feudal Law) An obligation to perform certain services, as the repair of roads, for the lord or sovereign.

(Cor"ven) obs. p. p. of Carve. Chaucer.

(Cor"vet Cor*vette") n. [F. corvette, fr. Pg. corveta or Sp. corbeta, fr. L. corbita a slow-sailing ship of burden, fr, corbis basket. Cf. Corbeil.] (Naut.) A war vessel, ranking next below a frigate, and having usually only one tier of guns; — called in the United States navy a sloop of war.

(||Cor*vet"to) n. (Min.) A curvet. Peacham.

(Cor"vine) a. [L. corvinus, fr. corvus crow.] Of or pertaining to the crow; crowlike.

(Cor"vo*rant) n. See Cormorant.

(Cor"y*bant) n.; pl. E. Corybants oftener L. Corybantes [L. Corybas, Gr. .] One of the priests of Cybele in Phrygia. The rites of the Corybants were accompanied by wild music, dancing, etc.

(Cor`y*ban"ti*asm) n. (Med.) A kind of frenzy in which the patient is tormented by fantastic visions and want of sleep. Dunglison.

(Cor`y*ban"tic) a. Of, pertaining to, or resembling, the Corybantes or their rites; frantic; frenzied; as, a corybantic dance.

(Cor"ymb) n. [L. corymbus cluster of flowers, Gr. .] (Bot.) (a) A flat-topped or convex cluster of flowers, each on its own footstalk, and arising from different points of a common axis, the outermost blossoms expanding first, as in the hawthorn. (b) Any flattish flower cluster, whatever be the order of blooming, or a similar shaped cluster of fruit.

(Cor"ymbed) a. (Bot.) Corymbose.

(Cor`ym*bif"er*ous) a. [L. corymbifer; corymbus a cluster of flowers + ferre to bear cf. F. corimbifre.] (Bot.) Bearing corymbs of flowers or fruit.

(Co*rym"bose) a. (Bot.) Consisting of corymbs, or resembling them in form. [Written also corymbous.]

(Co*rym"bose*ly), adv. In corymbs.

(Cor`y*phæ"noid) a. [NL. coryphaena + -oid.] (Zoöl.) Belonging to, or like, the genus Coryphæna. See Dolphin.

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