Copying ink. See under Ink.Copying paper, thin unsized paper used for taking copies of letters, etc., in a copying press.Copying press, a machine for taking by pressure, an exact copy of letters, etc., written in copying ink.

(Cop"y*ist), n. A copier; a transcriber; an imitator; a plagiarist.

(Cop"y*right) n. The right of an author or his assignee, under statute, to print and publish his literary or artistic work, exclusively of all other persons. This right may be had in maps, charts, engravings, plays, and musical compositions, as well as in books.

In the United States a copyright runs for the term of twenty-eight years, with right of renewal for fourteen years on certain conditions.

International copyright, an author's right in his productions as secured by treaty between nations.

(Cop"y*right`), v. t. To secure a copyright on.

(||Coque"li*cot`) n. [F.]

1. (Bot.) The wild poppy, or red corn rose.

2. The color of the wild poppy; a color nearly red, like orange mixed with scarlet.

(Co*quet") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Coquetted; p. pr. & vb. n. Coquetting.] To attempt to attract the notice, admiration, or love of; to treat with a show of tenderness or regard, with a view to deceive and disappoint.

You are coquetting a maid of honor.

(Co*quet"), v. i. To trifle in love; to stimulate affection or interest; to play the coquette; to deal playfully instead of seriously; to play (with); as, we have coquetted with political crime.

(Co*quet"ry) n.; pl. Coquetries [F. coquetterie.] Attempts to attract admiration, notice, or love, for the mere gratification of vanity; trifling in love. "Little affectations of coquetry." Addison.

(Co*quette") n. [F., fr. coquet, coquette, coquettish, orig., cocklike, strutting like a cock, fr. coq a cock. Cf. Cock, Cocket, Cocky, Cockade.]

The writing or drawing is made with aniline ink on paper, and a reverse copy transfered by pressure to a slab of gelatin softened with glycerin. A large number of transcripts can be taken while the ink is fresh.

Various names have been given to the process [the gelatin copying process], some of them acceptable and others absurd; hectograph, polygraph, copygraph, lithogram, etc.

(Cop"y*hold`) n. (Eng. Law) (a) A tenure of estate by copy of court roll; or a tenure for which the tenant has nothing to show, except the rolls made by the steward of the lord's court. Blackstone. (b) Land held in copyhold. Milton.

Copyholds do not exist in the United States.

(Cop"y*hold`er) n.

1. (Eng. Law) One possessed of land in copyhold.

2. (print.) (a) A device for holding copy for a compositor. (b) One who reads copy to a proof reader.

(Cop"y*ing), a. & n. From Copy, v.

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