Consistence to Consonantly

(Con*sist"ence) Consistency
(Con*sist"en*cy) (-sis"ten*sy), n. [Cf. F. consistance.]

1. The condition of standing or adhering together, or being fixed in union, as the parts of a body; existence; firmness; coherence; solidity.

Water, being divided, maketh many circles, till it restore itself to the natural consistence.

We are as water, weak, and of no consistence.
Jer. Taylor.

The same form, substance, and consistency.
T. Burnet.

2. A degree of firmness, density, or spissitude.

Let the expressed juices be boiled into the consistence of a sirup.

3. That which stands together as a united whole; a combination.

The church of God, as meaning the whole consistence of orders and members.

4. Firmness of constitution or character; substantiality; durability; persistency.

His friendship is of a noble make and a lasting consistency.

5. Agreement or harmony of all parts of a complex thing among themselves, or of the same thing with itself at different times; the harmony of conduct with profession; congruity; correspondence; as, the consistency of laws, regulations, or judicial decisions; consistency of opinions; consistency of conduct or of character.

That consistency of behavior whereby he inflexibly pursues those measures which appear the most just.

Consistency, thou art a jewel.
Popular Saying.

(Con*sist"ent) a. [L. consistens, p. pr.: cf. F. consistant.]

1. Possessing firmness or fixedness; firm; hard; solid.

The humoral and consistent parts of the body.

2. Having agreement with itself or with something else; having harmony among its parts; possesing unity; accordant; harmonious; congruous; compatible; uniform; not contradictory.

Show me one that has it in his power
To act consistent with himself an hour.

With reference to such a lord, to serve and to be free are terms not consistent only, but equivalent.

3. Living or acting in conformity with one's belief or professions.

It was utterly to be at once a consistent Quaker and a conspirator.

(Con*sist"ent*ly), adv. In a consistent manner.

(Con`sis*to"ri*al) a. [Cf. F. consistorial.] Of or pertaining to a consistory. "Consistorial laws." Hooker. "Consistorial courts." Bp. Hoadley.

(Con`sis*to"rian) a. Pertaining to a Presbyterian consistory; — a contemptuous term of 17th century controversy.

You fall next on the consistorian schismatics; for so you call Presbyterians.

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