2. A preparation of fruits or roots, etc., with sugar; a sweetmeat.

Certain confections . . . are like to candied conserves, and are made of sugar and lemons.

3. A composition of drugs. Shak.

4. (Med.) A soft solid made by incorporating a medicinal substance or substances with sugar, sirup, or honey.

The pharmacopœias formerly made a distinction between conserves (made of fresh vegetable substances and sugar) and electuaries (medicinal substances combined with sirup or honey), but the distinction is now abandoned and all are called confections.

(Con*fec"tion*a*ry) n. [Cf. LL. confectionaris a pharmacist.] A confectioner. [Obs.]

He will take your daughters to be confectionaries, and to be cooks.
1 Sam. viii. 13.

(Con*fec"tion*a*ry), a. Prepared as a confection.

The biscuit or confectionary plum.

(Con*fec"tion*er) n.

1. A compounder. [Obs.]

Canidia Neapolitana was confectioner of unguents.

2. One whose occupation it is to make or sell confections, candies, etc.

(Con*fec"tion*er*y) n.

1. Sweetmeats, in general; things prepared and sold by a confectioner; confections; candies.

2. A place where candies, sweetmeats, and similar things are made or sold.

(Con*fec"to*ry) a. Pertaining to the art of making sweetmeats. [Obs.] Beaumont.

(Con*fec"ture) n. Same as Confiture. [Obs.]

(Con*fed"er) v. i. [Cf. F. confédérer. See Confederate.] To confederate. [Obs.] Sir T. North.

(Con*fed"er*a*cy) n.; pl. Confederacies [From Confederate, a.]

1. A league or compact between two or more persons, bodies of men, or states, for mutual support or common action; alliance.

The friendships of the world are oft
Confederacies in vice or leagues of pleasure.

He hath heard of our confederacy.

Virginia promoted a confederacy.

2. The persons, bodies, states, or nations united by a league; a confederation.

The Grecian common wealth, . . . the most heroic confederacy that ever existed.

Virgil has a whole confederacy against him.

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