Cone of rays(Opt.), the pencil of rays of light which proceed from a radiant point to a given surface, as that of a lens, or conversely.Cone pulley. See in the Vocabulary.Obliqueor Scalene cone, a cone of which the axis is inclined to the plane of its base.Eight cone. See Cone, 1.

(Cone) v. t. To render cone-shaped; to bevel like the circular segment of a cone; as, to cone the tires of car wheels.

(Cone"-in-cone") a. (Geol.) Consisting of a series of parallel cones, each made up of many concentric cones closely packed together; — said of a kind of structure sometimes observed in sedimentary rocks.

(Co*ne"ine) n. (Chem.) See Conine.

(Co"ne*pate Co"ne*patl) , n. [Mexican conepatl and epatl.] (Zoöl.) The skunk.

2. Anything shaped more or less like a mathematical cone; as, a volcanic cone, a collection of scoriæ around the crater of a volcano, usually heaped up in a conical form.

Now had Night measured with her shadowy cone
Half way up hill this vast sublunar vault.

3. (Bot.) The fruit or strobile of the Coniferæ, as of the pine, fir, cedar, and cypress. It is composed of woody scales, each one of which has one or two seeds at its base.

4. (Zoöl.) A shell of the genus Conus, having a conical form.

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