Communication to Companion

(Com*mu`ni*ca"tion) n. [L. communicatio.]

1. The act or fact of communicating; as, communication of smallpox; communication of a secret.

2. Intercourse by words, letters, or messages; interchange of thoughts or opinions, by conference or other means; conference; correspondence.

Argument . . . and friendly communication.

3. Association; company.

Evil communications corrupt good manners.
1 Cor. xv. 33.

4. Means of communicating; means of passing from place to place; a connecting passage; connection.

The Euxine Sea is conveniently situated for trade, by the communication it has both with Asia and Europe.

5. That which is communicated or imparted; intelligence; news; a verbal or written message.

6. Participation in the Lord's supper. Bp. Pearson.

7. (Rhet.) A trope, by which a speaker assumes that his hearer is a partner in his sentiments, and says we, instead of I or you. Beattie.

Syn. — Correspondence; conference; intercourse.

(Com*mu"ni*ca*tive) a. [Cf. F. Communicatif, LL. communicativus.] Inclined to communicate; ready to impart to others.

Determine, for the future, to be less communicative.

(Com*mu"ni*ca*tive*ness), n. The quality of being communicative. Norris.

(Com*mu"ni*ca`tor) n. [L.] One who communicates. Boyle.

(Com*mu"ni*ca"to*ry) a. [LL. communicatorius.] Imparting knowledge or information.

Canonical and communicatory letters.

(Com*mun"ion) n. [L. communio: cf. F. communion. See Common.]

1. The act of sharing; community; participation. "This communion of goods." Blackstone.

2. Intercourse between two or more persons; esp., intimate association and intercourse implying sympathy and confidence; interchange of thoughts, purposes, etc.; agreement; fellowship; as, the communion of saints.

We are naturally induced to seek communion and fellowship with others.

What communion hath light with darkness?
2 Cor. vi. 14.

Bare communion with a good church can never alone make a good man.

3. A body of Christians having one common faith and discipline; as, the Presbyterian communion.

4. The sacrament of the eucharist; the celebration of the Lord's supper; the act of partaking of the sacrament; as, to go to communion; to partake of the communion.

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