Collation of seals(Old Law), a method of ascertaini ng the genuinendss of a by'compariog it with another known to be genuine. Bouvier.

(Col*la"tion), v. i. To partake of a collation. [Obs.]

May 20, 1658, I . . . collationed in Spring Garden.

(Col*la"tion*er) n. (Print.) One who examines the sheets of a book that has just been printed, to ascertain whether they are correctly printed, paged, etc. [Eng.]

7. (Scots Law) The right which an heir has of throwing the whole heritable and movable estates of the deceased into one mass, and sharing it equally with others who are of the same degree of kindred.

This also obtains in the civil law, and is found in the code of Louisiana. Bouvier.

8. (Eccles.) A collection of the Lives of the Fathers or other devout work read daily in monasteries.

9. A light repast or luncheon; as, a cold collation; — first applied to the refreshment on fast days that accompanied the reading of the collation in monasteries.

A collation of wine and sweetmeats.

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