2. To unite in one body or product; to combine into one body or community; as, vapors coalesce.

The Jews were incapable of coalescing with other nations.

Certain combinations of ideas that, once coalescing, could not be shaken loose.
De Quincey.

Syn. — See Add.

(Co`a*les"cence) n. The act or state of growing together, as similar parts; the act of uniting by natural affinity or attraction; the state of being united; union; concretion.

(Co`a*les"cent) a. [L. coalescens, p. pr.] Growing together; cohering, as in the organic cohesion of similar parts; uniting.

(Coal"fish`) n. [Named from the dark color of the back.] (Zoöl.) (a) The pollock; — called also, coalsey, colemie, colmey, coal whiting, etc. See Pollock. (b) The beshow or candlefish of Alaska. (c) The cobia.

(Coal"goose`) n. (Zoöl.) The cormorant; — so called from its black color.

(Co"a*lite) v. i. [L. coalitus, p. p. of coalescere. See Coalesce.] To unite or coalesce. [Obs.]

Let them continue to coalite.

(Co"a*lite), v. t. To cause to unite or coalesce. [Obs.]

Time has by degrees blended . . . and coalited the conquered with the conquerors.

(Co`a*li"tion) n. [LL. coalitio: cf. F. coalition. See Coalesce.]

1. The act of coalescing; union into a body or mass, as of separate bodies or parts; as, a coalition of atoms. Bentley.

2. A combination, for temporary purposes, of persons, parties, or states, having different interests.

A coalition of the puritan and the blackleg.
J. Randolph.

The coalition between the religious and worldly enemies of popery.

Syn. — Alliance; confederation; confederacy; league; combination; conjunction; conspiracy; union.

(Co`a*li"tion*er) n. A coalitionist.

(Co`a*li"tion*ist), n. One who joins or promotes a coalition; one who advocates coalition.

(Co`-al*ly") n.; pl. Co-allies A joint ally. Kent.

(Coal"-me`ter) n. A licensed or official coal measurer in London. See Meter. Simmonds.

(Coal"mouse`) n. (Zoöl.) A small species of titmouse, with a black head; the coletit.

(Coal"pit`) n.

1. A pit where coal is dug.

2. A place where charcoal is made. [U. S.]

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