1. (Bot.) Shaped like a lattice; cancellate. Gray.

2. (Zoöl.) Having the surface marked with raised lines resembling a lattice, as many shells.

(Clat"ter) v. i. [imp. & p. p. Clattered (- terd); p. pr. & vb. n. Clattering.] [AS. clatrung a rattle, akin to D. klateren to rattle. Cf. Clack.]

1. To make a rattling sound by striking hard bodies together; to make a succession of abrupt, rattling sounds.

Clattering loud with iron clank.

2. To talk fast and noisily; to rattle with the tongue.

I see thou dost but clatter.

(Clat"ter), v. t. To make a rattling noise with.

You clatter still your brazen kettle.

(Clat"ter), n.

1. A rattling noise, esp. that made by the collision of hard bodies; also, any loud, abrupt sound; a repetition of abrupt sounds.

The goose let fall a golden egg
With cackle and with clatter.

2. Commotion; disturbance. "Those mighty feats which made such a clatter in story." Barrow.

3. Rapid, noisy talk; babble; chatter. "Hold still thy clatter." Towneley Myst.

Throw by your clatter
And handle the matter.
B. Jonson

(Clat"ter*er) n. One who clatters.

(Clat"ter*ing*ly), adv. With clattering.

Claude Lorraine glass
(Claude" Lor*raine" glass`) [Its name is supposed to be derived from the similarity of the effects it gives to those of a picture by Claude Lorrain (often written Lorraine).] A slightly convex mirror, commonly of black glass, used as a toy for viewing the reflected landscape.

(Clau"dent) a. [L. claudens, p. pr. of claudere to shut.] Shutting; confining; drawing together; as, a claudent muscle. [R.] Jonson

(Clau"di*cant) a. [L. claudicans, p. pr. of claudicare to limp, fr. claudus lame.] Limping. [R.]

(Clau`di*ca"tion) n. [L. claudicatio.] A halting or limping. [R.] Tatler.

(Clause) n. [F. clause, LL. clausa, equiv. to L. clausula clause, prop., close of rhetorical period, close, fr. claudere to shut, to end. See Close.]

1. A separate portion of a written paper, paragraph, or sentence; an article, stipulation, or proviso, in a legal document.

The usual attestation clause to a will.

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