(Churr"worm`) n. [AS. cyrran, cerran, to turn.] (Zoöl.) An insect that turns about nimbly; the mole cricket; — called also fan cricket. Johnson.

(Chuse) v. t. See Choose. [Obs.]

(Chute) n. [F. chute, prop. a fall.]

1. A framework, trough, or tube, upon or through which objects are made to slide from a higher to a lower level, or through which water passes to a wheel.

2. See Shoot.

(Chut"ney Chut"nee) n. [Hind. chatni.] A warm or spicy condiment or pickle made in India, compounded of various vegetable substances, sweets, acids, etc.

(Chy*la"ceous) a. (Physiol.) Possessed of the properties of chyle; consisting of chyle.

(Chy*la"que*ous) a. [Chyle + aqueous.] (Zoöl.) Consisting of chyle much diluted with water; — said of a liquid which forms the circulating fluid of some inferior animals.

(Chyle) n. [NL. chylus, Gr. juice, chyle, fr. to pour: cf. F. chyle; prob. akin to E. fuse to melt.] (Physiol.) A milky fluid containing the fatty matter of the food in a state of emulsion, or fine mechanical division; formed from chyme by the action of the intestinal juices. It is absorbed by the lacteals, and conveyed into the blood by the thoracic duct.

(Chyl`i*fac"tion) n. [Chyle + L. facere to make.] (Physiol.) The act or process by which chyle is formed from food in animal bodies; chylification, — a digestive process.

(Chyl`i*fac"tive) a. (Physiol.) Producing, or converting into, chyle; having the power to form chyle.

(Chy*lif"er*ous) a. [Chyle + -ferous: cf. F. chylifère.] (Physiol.) Transmitting or conveying chyle; as, chyliferous vessels.

(Chy*lif"ic) a. Chylifactive.

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