2. Summoning to church.

The sound of the churchgoing bell.

(Church"-haw`) n. [Church + haw a yard.] Churchyard. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Church"ism) n. Strict adherence to the forms or principles of some church organization; sectarianism.

(Church"less) a. Without a church. T. Fuller.

(Church"like`) a. Befitting a church or a churchman; becoming to a clergyman. Shak.

(Church"li*ness) n. Regard for the church.

(Church"ly), a. Pertaining to, or suitable for, the church; ecclesiastical.

(Church"man) n.; pl. Churchmen

1. An ecclesiastic or clergyman.

2. An Episcopalian, or a member of the Established Church of England. "A zealous churchman." Macaulay.

3. One was is attached to, or attends, church.

(Church"man*ly), a. Pertaining to, or becoming, a churchman. Milman.

(Church"man*ship), n. The state or quality of being a churchman; attachment to the church.

Church modes
(Church" modes`) (Mus.) The modes or scales used in ancient church music. See Gregorian.

(Church"ship), n. State of being a church. South.

(Church"ward`en) n.

1. One of the officers (usually two) in an Episcopal church, whose duties vary in different dioceses, but always include the provision of what is necessary for the communion service.

2. A clay tobacco pipe, with a long tube. [Slang, Eng.]

There was a small wooden table placed in front of the smoldering fire, with decanters, a jar of tobacco, and two long churchwardens.
W. Black.

(Church"ward`en*ship), n. The office of a churchwarden.

(Church"y), a. Relating to a church; unduly fond of church forms. [Colloq.]

(Church"yard`) n. The ground adjoining a church, in which the dead are buried; a cemetery.

Like graves in the holy churchyard.

Syn. — Burial place; burying ground; graveyard; necropolis; cemetery; God's acre.

(Churl) n. [AS. ceorl a freeman of the lowest rank, man, husband; akin to D. karel, kerel, G. kerl, Dan. & Sw. karl, Icel. karl, and to the E. proper name Charles and perh. to Skr. jara lover. Cf. Carl, Charles's Wain.]

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