Lord Chief Justice of England, The presiding judge of the Queen's Bench Division of the High Court of Justice. The highest judicial officer of the realm is the Lord High Chancellor.Chief Justice of the United States, the presiding judge of the Supreme Court, and Highest judicial officer of the republic.

(Chief"-jus"tice*ship), n. The office of chief justice.

Jay selected the chief-justiceship as most in accordance with his tastes.
The Century.

(Chief"less) a. Without a chief or leader.

(Chief"ly) adv.

1. In the first place; principally; preëminently; above; especially.

Search through this garden; leave unsearched no nook;
But chiefly where those two fair creatures lodge.

2. For the most part; mostly.

Those parts of the kingdom where the . . . estates of the dissenters chiefly lay.

(Chief"rie) n. A small rent paid to the lord paramount. [Obs.] Swift.

(Chief"tain) n. [OE. cheftayn, chevetayn, OF. chevetain, F. capitaine, LL. capitanus, fr. L. caput head. Cf. Captain, and see chief.] A captain, leader, or commander; a chief; the head of a troop, army, or clan.

Syn. — Chief; commander; leader; head. See Chief.

(Chief"tain*cy Chief"tain*ship), n. The rank, dignity, or office of a chieftain.

(Chier"te) n. [OF. cherté. See Charity.] Love; tender regard. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Chiev"ance) n. [OF. chevance property, equiv. To chevisance, fr. chevir to accomplish. See Chevisance.] An unlawful bargain; traffic in which money is exported as discount. [Obs.] Bacon.

(Chieve) v. i. See Cheve, v. i. [Obs.]

(Chiff"-chaff) n. [So called from its note.] (Zoöl.) A species of European warbler (Sylvia hippolais); — called also chip- chap, and pettychaps.

(Chif`fo*nier") fem. Chiffonière
(Chif`fo*nière") n. [F. chiffonnier, fem. chiffonnière, fr. chiffon rag, fr. chiffe a rag, flimsy cloth.]

1. One who gathers rags and odds and ends; a ragpicker.

2. A receptacle for rags or shreds.

3. A movable and ornamental closet or piece of furniture with shelves or drawers. G. Eliot.

Chief hare
(Chief" hare`) (Zoöl.) A small rodent (Lagamys princeps) inhabiting the summits of the Rocky Mountains; — also called crying hare, calling hare, cony, American pika, and little chief hare.

It is not a true hare or rabbit, but belongs to the curious family Lagomyidæ.

Chief justice
(Chief" jus"tice) The presiding justice, or principal judge, of a court.

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