(||Ce*rise") a. [F., a cherry. See Cherry.] Cherry-colored; a light bright red; — applied to textile fabrics, especially silk.

(Ce"rite) n. [Gr. ke`ras horn.] (Zoöl.) A gastropod shell belonging to the family Cerithiïdæ; — so called from its hornlike form.

(Ce"rite), n. [From Cherium.] (Min.) A mineral of a brownish of cherry-red color, commonly massive. It is a hydrous silicate of cerium and allied metals.

(Ce"ri*um) n. [Named by Berzelius in 1803 from the asteroid Ceres, then just discovered ] (Chem.) A rare metallic element, occurring in the minerals cerite, allanite, monazite, etc. Symbol Ce. Atomic weight 141.5. It resembles iron in color and luster, but is soft, and both malleable and ductile. It tarnishes readily in the air.

(Cer"nu*ous) a. [L. cernuus with the face turned toward the earth.] (Bot.) Inclining or nodding downward; pendulous; drooping; — said of a bud, flower, fruit, or the capsule of a moss.

(Ce"ro) n. [Corrupt. fr. Sp. sierra saw, sawfish, cero.] (Zoöl.) A large and valuable fish of the Mackerel family, of the genus Scomberomorus. Two species are found in the West Indies and less commonly on the Atlantic coast of the United States, — the common cero called also kingfish, and spotted, or king, cero (S. regalis).

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