To catch fire, to become inflamed or catch it to get a scolding or beating; to suffer punishment. [Colloq.] — To catch one's eye, to interrupt captiously while speaking. [Colloq.] "You catch me up so very short." Dickens.To catch up, to snatch; to take up suddenly.

(Catch) v. i.

1. To attain possession. [Obs.]

Have is have, however men do catch.

2. To be held or impeded by entanglement or a light obstruction; as, a kite catches in a tree; a door catches so as not to open.

3. To take hold; as, the bolt does not catch.

4. To spread by, or as by, infecting; to communicate.

Does the sedition catch from man to man?

To catch at, to attempt to seize; to be eager to get or use. "[To] catch at all opportunities of subverting the state." Addison.To catch up with, to come up with; to overtake.

(Catch), n.

1. Act of seizing; a grasp. Sir P. Sidney.

2. That by which anything is caught or temporarily fastened; as, the catch of a gate.

3. The posture of seizing; a state of preparation to lay hold of, or of watching he opportunity to seize; as, to lie on the catch. [Archaic] Addison.

The common and the canon law . . . lie at catch, and wait advantages one againt another.
T. Fuller.

4. That which is caught or taken; profit; gain; especially, the whole quantity caught or taken at one time; as, a good catch of fish.

Hector shall have a great catch if he knock out either of your brains.

5. Something desirable to be caught, esp. a husband or wife in matrimony. [Colloq.] Marryat.

6. pl. Passing opportunities seized; snatches.

It has been writ by catches with many intervals.

7. A slight remembrance; a trace.

We retain a catch of those pretty stories.

8. (Mus.) A humorous canon or round, so contrived that the singers catch up each other's words.

(Catch"a*ble) a. Capable of being caught. [R.]

(Catch"-ba`sin) n. A cistern or vault at the point where a street gutter discharges into a sewer, to catch bulky matters which would not pass readily through the sewer. Knight.

11. To reach in time; to come up with; as, to catch a train.

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