Caseous degeneration, a morbid process, in scrofulous or consumptive persons, in which the products of inflammation are converted into a cheesy substance which is neither absorbed nor organized.

(Ca"sern) n. [F. caserne.] A lodging for soldiers in garrison towns, usually near the rampart; barracks. Bescherelle.

Case shot
(Case" shot`) (Mil.) A collection of small projectiles, inclosed in a case or canister.

In the United States a case shot is a thin spherical or oblong cast-iron shell containing musket balls and a bursting charge, with a time fuse; — called in Europe shrapnel. In Europe the term case shot is applied to what in the United States is called canister. Wilhelm.

(||Ca"se*um) n. [L. caseus cheese.] Same as Casein.

(Case"worm`) n. (Zoöl.) A worm or grub that makes for itself a case. See Caddice.

(Cash) n. [F. caisse case, box, cash box, cash. See Case a box.] A place where money is kept, or where it is deposited and paid out; a money box. [Obs.]

This bank is properly a general cash, where every man lodges his money.
Sir W. Temple.

£20,000 are known to be in her cash.
Sir R. Winwood.

2. (Com.) (a) Ready money; especially, coin or specie; but also applied to bank notes, drafts, bonds, or any paper easily convertible into money. (b) Immediate or prompt payment in current funds; as, to sell goods for cash; to make a reduction in price for cash.

Cash account(Bookkeeping), an account of money received, disbursed, and on hand.Cash boy, in large retail stores, a messenger who carries the money received by the salesman from customers to a cashier, and returns the proper change. [Colloq.] — Cash credit, an account with a bank by which a person or house, having given security for repayment, draws at pleasure upon the bank to the extent of an amount agreed upon; — called also bank credit and cash account.Cash sales, sales made for ready, money, in distinction from those on which credit is given; stocks sold, to be delivered on the day of transaction.

Syn. — Money; coin; specie; currency; capital.

(Cash), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Cashed ; p. pr. & vb. n. Casing.] To pay, or to receive, cash for; to exchange for money; as, cash a note or an order.

(Cash), v. t. [See Cashier.] To disband. [Obs.] Garges.

(Cash), n.sing & pl. A Chinese coin.

The cash (Chinese tsien) is the only current coin made by the chinese government. It is a thin circular disk of a very base alloy of copper, with a square hole in the center. 1,000 to 1,400 cash are equivalent to a dollar.

(Cash"book) n. (Bookkeeping) A book in which is kept a register of money received or paid out.

(Case"ment*ed), a. Having a casement or casements.

(Ca"se*ous) a. [L. caseus. Cf. Casein.] Of, pertaining to, or resembling, cheese; having the qualities of cheese; cheesy.

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