Articular cartilage, cartilage that lines the joints.Cartilage bone(Anat.), any bone formed by the ossification of cartilage.Costal cartilage, cartilage joining a rib with he sternum. See Illust. of Thorax.

(Car`ti*la*gin"e*ous) a. [L. cartilageneus.] See Cartilaginous. Ray.

(Car"tha*min) n. (Chem.) A red coloring matter obtained from the safflower, or Carthamus tinctorius.

(Car*thu"sian) n. [LL. Cartusianus, Cartusiensis, from the town of Chartreuse, in France.] (Eccl. Hist.) A member of an exceeding austere religious order, founded at Chartreuse in France by St. Bruno, in the year 1086.

(Car*thu"sian), a. Pertaining to the Carthusian.

(Car"ti*lage) n. [L. cartilago; cf. F. cartilage.] (Anat.) A translucent, elastic tissue; gristle.

Cartilage contains no vessels, and consists of a homogeneous, intercellular matrix, in which there are numerous minute cavities, or capsules, containing protoplasmic cells, the cartilage corpuscul. See Illust under Duplication.

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